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  1. Sheyde


    I only wish that these clothing/pose topics were taken seriously by game development, but alas they are not. I've been here nearly 5 years now and I've been wearing the same outfit for nearly that same amount of time, with the occasional day where I switch it up. I've also been posting to other topics involving clothes and well ... many great ideas, very plausible and feasible but again, I've never seen anything new, other than a few new pairs of stockings, which were added in year one and that dress which still looks like a trash bag to me. However, good luck on getting some attention from development. Maybe one day I will get a new pair of boots.
  2. Ego issues and I think that a lot of men are afraid that we will make them kiss or that their penis might touch the other guys, or something.
  3. A song for the liberated! Feeling great about taking an extended break. Fuck 'em. They ain't gettin' my money, honey. Best to cut off the limbs that aren't needed. A nub is more useful.
  4. Sheyde

    User Reviews

    My review from the last 4 years: Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, great people (except the troll population which are more childish than expected), had many intense moments, roleplaying community is of high quality if you know where to look, many good social events organized by fellow players and addictive, in a sense. Cons: Nearly nonexistent updates, nearly nonexistent communication between community and staff, opinions, commentary and suggestions are not taken seriously by the development team, music in all public rooms need a complete overhaul as it has not been updated much (if at all) in nearly a year or more, troll population has increased. The list goes on but I'd rather people make their own conclusions.
  5. Amazing work Tham! As usual. Maybe one day when the voices of the customers are heard and given some thought, I will come back to enjoy it with you.
  6. Lee, I will be back but only after this place improves. It's run like a poorly owned business and I cannot allow my money to be wasted. I hold hope that things will return to as they were, before 2016. You know ... when we mattered and communication existed between the community and the owner(s). I'm not mad, just disappointed. Which is worse is up for debate. PS: a few have left with me.
  7. This one can be interpreted in to that of the abusive relationship we have here with development.
  8. The server went down Wednesday, the first day in which I could not log in as I did not renew my subscription. It is I who caused this problem. Giz might be a lover of mine, on an alt and is butthurt that I never renewed It is I who is at fault! I left and took 3dx with me! Not really, obviously. Strange coincidence though. A prime example why I did not renew. The lack of content is by far, too sparse. There is a major lack of customer service, nearly non existent. This seems to have become worse over the years and I do not accept anything which defends the development of this game. I understand that something may have come up in Giz's real life. I'm patient and have always given the benefit of the doubt but this finally proves that this may be a one man show. I just really hope all is well on his end and that nothing has happened. However, until this place improves, not aesthetically nor by simply putting lipstick on a pig but a major overhaul on how this place is maintained, treated and viewed by the development 'team'. Patience is needed while taking up residence here as a player. However, this is like being in a bad relationship. You give and take. You bite your tongue, you deal with the inconsistencies and a little abuse. However, neglect and ignorance is not acceptable and until this world we try to play in becomes treated professionally and with the respect that the players deserve, after 4 years, I say with regret that my time here has come to an end. My patience has worn thin and I cannot give anymore to this neglectful relationship we have with the progress of this place. I cannot financially support a business which does not appreciate nor pay attention to their senior customers, or any customer, for that matter, for so many years. If I were to do this to a customer of mine in RL, I would lose their business to another company. Unfortunately I have no other company to turn to for proper service. Grrrrr! Someone make something else please To the people who would rather complain, please, take a break. Do yourself this favor and simply take a step back for a while. Save the energy which you use to complain and actually do something about it which shows your dissatisfaction. Cancel your sub. I'm afraid that is the only way to get your point across, as since I've been here, nothing that anyone has said has been given any quarter, except those who are close to the development team. Sounds like a cult hahaha. Until things improve, ta-ta. Fin.
  9. Eating ice cream, hitting the refresh button and watching irritated people become more irritated. Amusing, actually.
  10. I've done enough these last few weeks. Just wanted to give up on RL for a little while but now I'll complain like everyone else. Not really ... but I tried at least!
  11. 504 in queue, only to disconnect when I'm finally logged in. Oh well, try again tomorrow.
  12. A personal fav from my past. New metal/punk doesn't compare! Got to love Canadian television standards. We don't censor swearing!
  13. *is a little jealous at the ease which Achroi has with choosing a hairstyle* Looks like classic Shey is here to stay.
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