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    * Music (about all kind of music, i love to discover new or original songs)
    * Reading (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Philosophy, essays and many more)
    * Movies and tv shows (too many to name any :p)
    * Roleplay (uhm... I'm an elf after all...)
    * Sharing fantasies (Elfies can be lewd, no rules forbidding it in the ancient writings ! :p)
    * Weirdly interested in butts too since a few weeks...

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  1. FrenchKiss

    Using /me

    1. I strictly use third person. Gives some consistency as '/me' makes it start with your name. 2. The matter is what your words mean, and I assume most people don't really mind the form, as long as you're not constantly switching between first and third persons in the same paragraph. It doesn't change the meaning. In the end, I'd say you just have to enjoy yourself. You'll find people you'll easily get along with according to rp, and some others who you will never be comfortable with. Seize the day, more or less
  2. Can't tell you much more than to read this dear ^^ http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8020-new-to-3dxchat/
  3. Nice attempt to make this world better Nikku butt ! Clear, neat and helpful. Nevertheless, that's a lot of reading and you might scare the most uninteresting newcomers with all of this. *Giggles* Allow me to add something to this guide though : a simple hello in local chat when you enter the room, or even world chat, can get you far as well. It makes people notice you and, thus, they're more likely to have a look at your profile. Not everyone will instantly drown you into private messages, since we're not all here on the same purpose, but it's still a good way to make people curious about the fancy newcomer you can be. Oh, and yes, I've put some green cuz' I know you like it
  4. And same here too. I wanted to change some special characters and suddenly... Swoosh ! No more profile... ^^'
  5. After 4 days (or so) of silence, everything would sound like that actually. However, that's not even a satisfying start of an explanation. Technical problem can mean anything from "We didn't manage to aknowledge which plug was unplugged" to "We've been hacked by russians and struggled to find the solution" The lack of communication, clear communication actually, is why we can't even trust them. Not that I trusted them much before, but it's clearly a problem that has to be taken care of, build some trust between customers and 3dx management. Lucky for you there's no real other valuable product yet, but you'd better get to it someday devs
  6. I might have an explanation for the non awarness of the devs and I'm surprised I haven't read that yet though Devs have been arrested for fraud. Or abducted by aliens. Pick the answer you fancy ^^
  7. Really thank you for you answer... *twirls a strand of her blond hair with her index, mouth half opened* So yeah, it's supposed, somehow, to be a social game where you bridle people's skills and don't make them want to share their OWN creations cause anyone could still them... Great, let's all go back to old NC and sit on stools ! I understand that it's created thanks to the in game tools, and so it belongs to 3dx somehow, although some creators like to share their rooms and make others spend nice time in their creations. Less will do probably if their room isn't unique anymore. It just needs one "popular" thief to drag all the people in his/her room. Sad world we live in, where you can't respect work of the others... *me shuts topic and gets out of this crap as it's an unsolvable matter anyway*
  8. Okay, I'm dumb.... How do you create your world out of the World Editor ? *raises two eyebrows*
  9. Uhm... As a RP lover, I'm not sure all of your suggestions would be useful... Let me explain 1) A near chat tab doesn't seem really worth to me. What would be the distance limit ? Do you consider a tree as an obstacle ? Or a waist high rock ? Now we can have really huge user rooms, what if I decide to shout ? I would have to toggle through the chat tabs to scream to someone and toggle back to get back to "/me" things... Even though it's the same RP 2) Colored names... Uhm... Well, why not ? Some play with names off though 3) /think is useless in my opinion, just start your RP with "/me thinks (to her/himself)...". It will do just fine, I've tried it already *giggles* 4) Bubbles might help as much as they can ruin your RP : the people you're talking with will know before you press enter or the send button what you're about to do. Being very descriptive and litterate, I also think it would annoy me to see a bubble above my head while having sex (for example >_>) while I write like... 6 paragraphs ! 5) Phone would be nice, but let's dream : we need more interactive objects ! Shushpanzer was funny the first time... ^^ 6) I sometimes AFK being alt tabbed, but come back to the game when someone pms me. People wouldn't talk to me then with the AFK stuff I guess. I'd suggest an option letting people know you're AFK or semi AFK instead 7) See point 5 ^^ Finally I'll add something to your post Heden. RP doesn't need that much of visual stuff or interactive options. You can do a great RP only with pen and paper, what matters are the words you use, the way you make the one(s) you're interacting with aknowledge about your actions/thoughts/feelings with those words. Imagination is the limit in 3dx *winks* Nonetheless, don't think I disparage your ideas. It's good to see people trying to make this community better ! *smiles and waves goodbye* Have fun !
  10. FrenchKiss

    User Reviews

    Don't put too much hope on that.... Just my two cents But yeah, that would be freakin' awesome liiiiiikkeeee.... I dunno... Randomly... FFF people are asking for decades ? EDIT : Devs might not read your post or won't give a f**k anyway...
  11. FrenchKiss

    User Reviews

    1) Updates are so freakin' cool and never, yes, never gets on your nerves 2) Don't even try to play on update days... Thing is you never know when an update will come... ^^'
  12. What for...? How would the gods challenge your faith in them ? How would they get that tiny sparkling light in your eyes that makes you believe they see you as someone special ? They are facetious, always keep that in mind
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