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  1. Hi, I dont know if such thing already exists, But itd be really helpful if theres some shortcuts to navigate through the text while editing. For example atleast Ctrl+backspace for delete the word
  2. Yes, I just updated the kaspersky and checked, now its working without issue. I didnt have to disable or add anything to exclusion lists. Thanks for the heads up @ColinDude
  3. Well It doesn't delete the exe, It moves to quarantine. You can restore it back. But if you try to run again, kaspersky will move it to quarantine again
  4. I don't think I'm going to disable the Web Anti Virus without knowing a proper reason for this.
  5. @ColinDude, I scanned the 3DXChat.exe using Kaspersky locally as well. Then Kaspersky do not complain about any threat. Its only when I tr y to start the application it complains about the malicious behavior. I m guessing maybe when it tries to connect to the server Kaspersky detects it as a threat Also, since you requested, here's the results of the scan you requested
  6. Has anyone else got the same issue? From today onwards my Kaspersky Internet Security is blocking the 3dxChat game and the Website both. It says PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic Im pretty sure I got the application from the official site For the website it says Dangerous url blocked This is what https://opentip.kaspersky.com/ says for 3dxchat.com
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