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  1. Never said anything about the communication lol, but they've been trying lately
  2. A competitive market? 3dx has the most user friendly adult oriented game on the market at the lowest price
  3. ;( I'm so beyond frustrated right now
  4. ready for somebody to take me down like the bad girl I am when the server's back up
  5. I took a long nap after work and then just started binge watching Unsolved on Netflix
  6. most likely, if I'm the devs I'd be beefing up security for both the game and the forums
  7. that would be nice
  8. I spend half of my time on forum tripping on technical issues, how pathetic am I? lol
  9. from what I seen on the Discord, they said something about a DDoS attack
  10. well at least you had a hell of a lot of wind to help you flying out of the windy city LOL
  11. LMAO true it just shows how many masochists flock to me, and thanks Jack
  12. *makes note to slap the shit out of Jack when I see him online for causing the big crash*
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