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  1. will be cool party 4 sure, if you want to hear my spining there will be honor 4 me !!!
  2. great room Alivia, Im sure will be amazing party!!!
  3. room is cool and great DJs , it means a lot of fun and awesome tunes! Great job Chloe & Jess. Will be there for sure!!!
  4. cya tonight ppl, let's make some NOISEEEEE
  5. Making something new, hope ppl will like it,and I'll give my best. Let's SHAKEEEEE PARTYYY PPL!!!!!!
  6. this is answer frm VDJ support stuff ContentUnlimited does not cover royalty fees to be able to perform music in public and/or broadcast it. The subscription fee pays for your right to be able to legally stream the track and play it privately while your subscription is active. Regardless of the source (CD, iTunes, music streaming service (ContentUnlimited), vinyl record, etc.), you must have licenses from the appropriate authorities in your country to be able to play music in public and/or broadcast it. If you are playing in a bar/club, then depending on the laws of your country, the venue w
  7. Volume on max and lets enjoy, my neighbours will love me more after this party
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