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  1. Looks about as dumb as the painted-on beards that us dudes get.
  2. Yes, myself and others were experiencing disconnects immediately prior to this. About 4 times for me. I have no idea about the proxy thing.
  3. I mean...the answer would be "we're working on it, more info to come." Would that make you feel better?
  4. It was disconnecting people intermittently before the reboot. My guess is that the reboot is an effort to fix the problems that were already happening.
  5. They rebooted it because it was having issues. If they didn't do maintenance now it would've continued to disconnect everyone. It's not that complicated. They could've 'chosen a time-frame' later...but that would just meant he game would be having issues longer.
  6. Project managers don't do server maintenance.
  7. That's handled by bmtmicro and not the devs.
  8. I'd say 38 minutes is an improvement if it stays up.
  9. They also likely have dedicated engineers at larger companies who are proactively 'training' the protection mechanisms. DDoS protection isn't just 'let's turn this thing on.' It has to know which requests are legitimate and which are not and for something small and unusual as this game it probably has to be done by hand until it's 'smart' enough.
  10. Just to point out something on that page...it has a list of compatible games. 3dx ain't on it. And it isn't going to be on any out of the box solution.
  11. I think mentally unstable is a better description.
  12. They banned Talon again recently....coincidence?
  13. Sometimes in the past you could solve this by running Patcher.exe by itself.
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