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  1. McNick

    Build 413

    OMFG, Tittyfucking!! I've been waiting for this for six years
  2. Gizmo, can you update the full download file as well? The problem I seem to be having (mentioned previously) is with patching.
  3. I apologize if this has been posted before and I missed it. My previously reported graphics issue seems to be fixed, but then I get the attached error when 3DX auto runs Patcher. The files it says are missing are legit missing. Many folders disappear from where it mentions. I've tried shutting off virus control, firewall, etc.
  4. Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked.
  5. I can't even see the menu. No text at all. The screenshot is of the login screen, and when I manage to login, it only gets worse.
  6. My login screen is just black with colored squares where text should be. I can login, but then the following screen is just as bad. Just black with some smaller colored squares. Running AMD FirePro M4000 on a quad core i7 with 8gb ram. I don't typically have problems with anything.
  7. Right! I mean I definitely would have done that to you Sage, and it would have been hilarious
  8. It's kind of funny how people are shocked about them showing in official advertisements, CE modified rooms. I mean really, 3DX has been doing things that are morally/legally questionable like that since the beginning and they've never hesitated to do so or gone back on what they've done. It's just become "the norm". I'd say just stop worrying about that part. They absolutely should give us access to doing whatever it is we want to do with our rooms and many more items to work with. That said, what is pushing them to do so? The decline in membership? Please, I can remember when there were like 50 members.... or maybe it was less. There are too many that are either satisfied or acting like they're satisfied, for them to change anything.
  9. Sadly, I never check forum anymore, but this is why. A really nice topic spoiled by people who just can't keep negativity to themselves. and Ill stop now cuz I'm just adding to it!
  10. It's quite simple, Hera. When one person says something and no one reacts, it's because no one chose to. But, when you OBVIOUSLY pick on someone (whether or not you choose to use a weak defense like "I was just repeating what someone else said") who has a lot of friends and people know has one of the biggest hearts in this game, you will get bitten! You made a remark completely out of place and completely unfounded. I have disappeared from the game lately as well because my real life has become busy lately. Can that not be the case for anyone here? Or does it have to be that the person's significant other has "locked them away". This was a completely ignorant comment and I can't believe some people "liked" it.
  11. LOL, alright I grant you that. There are some that are just silly, but they are also harmless. But, my point is we either use it or we don't. If you knock one person or a few people, then you have to knock all people using it. There is no appropriate way of using a cheat if you are going to say it's against the eula. Simple as that. So devs LISTEN UP and add SOME PALLETTE FEATURES!
  12. Riela, don't you and your friends use the hacks all the time? You or someone said it better in another post when they suggested that the devs should maybe add color pallettes. I don't see the need to beat up other players who use it out of what your opinion is of normal. Let's just push devs to add them as features instead
  13. Anyone have a list of all the hotkeys? I think a lot of us know most, but new ones always seem to pop up
  14. Couldn't have said it better, Ali! It feels like the adding of additional charges in game is simply the incorrect response to something (whether it is low membership, high overhead, whatever). I can say as a business owner who has made the mistake, jacking up prices or hiding fees without communicating with your clients is a recipe for disaster. Bring someone in, whether it is an adviser or an investor, and get some help getting back on track. This game could be a gold mine if you could get over the hump, and I don't see having to over-charge to get there or stay there.
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