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  1. Maybe you should see that this topic is very old already. Posted 24 July 2014 - 08:36 PM Just saying.
  2. Really? About 3 months to add those collars in here? Are you serious? It gives me the impression that you're not really working much on the game. It's always the same. Working on it for 2 weeks or so and then let it rest for a while. Not the right way and a reason, why people leaving. But I have to admit. Great job Sol. Thank you for the collars , even they came too late for me.
  3. This is something which players complained since I've joined over 16 months ago. Compared to my start here lot got improved, but you all are right, that gay and lesbian poses lay behind. I would say gay poses a little bit more than lesbian ones. (But I can't say for sure) I hold my fingers crossed for all that the development will have an eye on this. Mostly it didn't change much. Good luck with the fight for new stuff which I gave up.
  4. Seems like we have to wait for this collars as long as we waited for groupchat. It took about 18 months or so.
  5. I don't think there is an option, but in this case you rather should contact game support. Maybe they have the option for doing this, but I don't think this is the case. Many players tried to get access to their old account after getting a new membership, but this wasn't possible.
  6. Ha ... And how many of them aren't active on forum any longer? 1000 or more? Why don't we even know how many active playing people this game has? Is it such a huge secret? This would be more interesting than the fact that the forum has about 2000 accounts (no matter if they are in use or not or players created multiple for their avatars)
  7. Jola

    Just because

    It is like this in nearly every forum, especially those without moderation, because it's much easier to post a new topic than using the search function. So I suggest that the forum will be moderated again and also accounts which weren't used for a long time (12 months +) will be deleted, because those 2000 members isn't actual in my opinion. The numbers of actual member will be much lower than 2000. But that's what I'm just saying. No one else seems to care so ... please go on. It's a great forum. And everything is much better than in any other game on this planet.
  8. Well the option to invite 2 bots is nice, but why can't you invite Betty or Bob each twice? You have to create your own second male or female avatar to use. Give us a second Bob and Betty. Maybe also with the option to modify them or give them different styles.
  9. Updates came, but no collars, even they are already finished and only have to be added. Some feedback would be nice, but maybe too much to expect. Hoping they will be added in one of the next updates. Hope dies last, right after patience.
  10. Found just another bug. When female and female coupledance and kiss the left leg is sort of trembling. It's looks odd. Please fix it
  11. Nonononooo 1) Collars 2) XGold 3) Masks 4) The whole section you can find in here: http://3dxchat.com/forum/index.php?/forum/4-development-suggestions/
  12. I agree with Riela in some points, but not in all. Surely it's not a nice attitude to get more money from your costumers by adding stuff you have to pay for. The excuse for paying for the option to invite friends or other players to your room is lame. Did it prevent anything? No! Cold invites by random players are common already. The point I'm not agreeing with Riela is that the game should be for free. I think some players on this planet are abusing those free to play games to bother other players. When you have to subscript and pay for it, those people think twice because 20€ are still
  13. I agree with Freya in every point. The new added stuff is nothing players wanted to see. I mean the drinking option is cool, but I have to admit that it seems the quality of the animations got less. It's just a subjective meaning. But compared to other animations the drinking one is just ... bad. The collars might be a bit special and just for some players, but as you can see soo many want to see them added and I think there are also lots of people who don't say a word in here. So just add them and show interest in the community, your costumers and in the end at you company and your o
  14. I think our development have to learn it on the hard way this time. Players suggested much of stuff they want to see. Not just on the forum, but also on the internet-site which was active and the only way to communicate before the forum was opened. I absolutely understand that players are mad at the development by just publishing this kind of update after 4 weeks of waiting. But it's been the same last time. This time we just have the option to complain without fearing any consequences. In my own opinion it's the worst which can be done to press even more money from the costumers by adding
  15. Jola

    Shemales ?

    That's true, but there is no option to generate a all time shemale character. The male genitals also aren't available, when you're spending time with a male avatar. So it's most likely supposed as strapon for lesbian fun.
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