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  1. It‘s better to use the mouse and Keyboard, even in VR. Bummer.
  2. Okay, I see... There‘s some guesswork involved. Thanks..!
  3. Nice... so that would work. You know anything about specifications on the transmitting side?
  4. Any specifications on what the stream/format should be like? The mentioned would be 192kBit MP3... is more than 44.1 and 16Bit allowed?
  5. No video. Musician(s) as player(s) in the game. With a live audio feed.
  6. What I‘m thinking of are real live events with artists playing- not playing prerecorded stuff. There are different rules for that - especially when playing to small and closed audiences. Can you hook up any live audio stream in rooms?
  7. Anybody tried this yet? Having a live music performance via stream on a rooms‘ stage?
  8. A wild ride into a beta sunrise - sounds like fun.
  9. Okay, while the server is down - anyone around here ever tried to play in VR mode? Also noticed that keyboard commands don‘t work most of the time? That you can‘t stand up again from any sitting position?
  10. Is anybody really thinking they‘re doing this on purpose? If this is such a small independent operation as some say it is, better give them some moral support - and if you think you have to leave, do so quietly without the drama pose.
  11. Yeah ... And sometimes it takes a little faith to see what might be and believe... peace & love...
  12. Sure you want everybody to kill the game for good? Apart from being unfashionably intransparent and sparse in communication, I think they‘ve been feverishly trying to work things out now for hours - under fire from this very forum. I for one can imagine what an akward feeling this might be... have mercy. Cool down.
  13. There goes all hope ... Nah, don‘t tell me it‘s only ONE server without redundancy under the desk in their home Office? Gallopping imagination...
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