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  1. 3 guys let their 20 avas dancing synched. wow. impressive and never gets boring. best wishes for 2021 and lots of wooohoooos and tunes ❤️
  2. I hate Scorpions. Fart of change.
  3. I only read orange bold italic texts when underlined.
  4. Was a hint to run the game fluid because better than fps drops right? If you need to play in ultra ultra 8K overdoze mode it´s ok And maybe you overstate a little? Playing on GameBoy? >>>There´s no general solution. Everybody has to check for his own depending on PC specs. <<< And you see that GPU is maxed out? You can also lower graphic solution. But wouldn´t it be like playing on GameBoy display then too. So what? Buy new System? Save your useless comments for your ingame time. Cya around ❤️
  5. Setting Detalization Range to low will improve perfomance. Additional try to de/activate ambient occlution or reflection options until you find best mix of optic and perfomance. There´s no general solution. Everybody has to check for his own depending on PC specs.
  6. Have to work in few hours "fotunatelly". So I dont have to suffer this misery. It´s like neverendig story. A: "Why is there no ddos protection?" B: "It´s not possible to protect the server against ddos attacks!" 😄 "Oh! But why is there no protection?" 😧 "Cause it´s not possible." E: "I pay for the game. So why the devs dont implement a protection?"
  7. its groundhog day? fire walk with me!
  8. wird wohl weiterhin grütze bleiben solange wer auch immer das game auf dem kieker hat
  9. hey mr. wichtig. lets play tic tac toe meanwhile!
  10. used the red phone. commies are innocent.
  11. i look forward to the next 70 pages
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