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  1. Dear everyone. After changing to windowed in settings, the bottom of games window is below my computers screen and I can't drag the window up så I can get access to settings, clothes, chat, exit etc. I am using 3DXChat 2.5 I hope someone have a solution. Bandan
  2. Hi Ahryan. I haven't met you in the game and was just looking through profiles here, and read your story. I am really sorry for your loss and was very touched by it. I know it is difficult to say anything that can help you, so I won't try. But I am glad you share your story, which shows that you have a lot of courage that will help you in your future. I hope this place will be one of the ways for you to find friends and to make your path brighter. All the best to you and your daughter. Bandan
  3. I know, it might be a bit late for bringing new to this thread and you might know this link: http://gaffa.se/festivalguide/ I think it is a good guide for festivals - sorry all others it is in Swedish.
  4. Thank you very much for your responses. It is a great world, with so many nice people. Hope to meet you somewhere around. Bandan
  5. I am new here, so maybe I am doing something wrong. But when I go to my home the tutorial starts. But when I come to "Click here to access the menu, where you can choose a virtual partner." it points to the buttom of the screen, where the isn't any to click. I then click in left top corner "add a virtual partner" The wonderful Betty turns up, but the "Click here to access the menu, where you can choose a virtual partner." do not disappear and I can't go further in the tutorial. And next time I come back it starts again, and I am stucked the same place again. What can I do to go further? Great
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