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  1. Oooops I just started a new thread about this. I've found the same problem with my beard thought maybe the devs have something against gingers lol.
  2. Just got dc'd and can't get back in just like last week.
  3. Nope gone again. Getting the too many attempts error as well now.
  4. Looks like it's playing up again folks. Logged in just now no friends were on then got dced and couldn't get back on.
  5. Sorry couldn't help myself. Game Over
  6. Seems to get stuck at the login screen. The login button goes from yellow to grey then just stays like it.
  7. The radio silence is almost more upsetting than the issues themselves. Could be contsrued as a lack of interest on the devs part.
  8. Disregard post I managed to fix it myself.
  9. This maybe something simple but I've recently done a clean install of 3dxchat client. At first everything seemed fine logged in ok clicked my avi chose to go to my room, loads up fine then a few seconds later a box pops up with Unity on it and a progress bar then the whole thing just crashes. MOV_0119.mp4
  10. Yeah having similar issues too.
  11. Feeling disillusioned already.  I've only been back on a couple of weeks.

    1. mercer


      Feeling better now. Sorry if I worried anyone. 

  12. Only my second day after convincing myself to come back lol.
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