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  1. Damn ,what`ve we done , that everytime a new Problem kick us out of the game...
  2. Hello, i have the same Problem. If i try the normal start it sent after a few min. a reconneted…. God..everytime a new problem
  3. Yes Right Destinee, i am over three year here , but never i have so much Problems to use it. i hope, they make soon an update
  4. I have also this Problem..i try to install new but it doesnt. works..
  5. it works only in my own room, but when try to enter another room , the game kick me and i must reconnected.. hope we become a update for a stable game..
  6. if you find the right men for a mmf, it is an amazing experice...But only, when all together write and share their fantasy, thinking etc. RP works only, when all together spent enough time for it..
  7. Hey Amy, i love your creations. Thx for sharing. xoxo Gina
  8. Hi, i have the same problem since today. Have someone contact to gizmo ? If you become maintenance, please sent a message. huggies
  9. … a very nice Place thank yu ...
  10. Hello Amy, i lke yur Tropical Island Villa.. an amazing Place ..thx for sharing...
  11. in hope it works..when it is upload...
  12. Maybe Gizmo told us soon in which decade the server is online. A lil bit more information make it easier ….
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