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  1. I don't really care about the gender behind the keyboard till there's respect and fun shared. Once the drama and wannabe attitudes show up then it's really time to run away for life. Even if it's surely easier to find guys playing as futanari and exclusive for women, not even knowing the difference between that definition and a tgirl, but again if there's a safe gameplay and interest shared I don't see the reason to wonder about the real gender, unless they're looking for their prince/princess and for rl stuff. In that case they can only blame themselves for having mixed rl with a game. Play as you prefer it's the right line, but with certain limits as I still remember a guy called Donald_Trump hanging around at the NightClub
  2. On break and happy about it

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS-z19W5lf8 Yes, he is/was more hairy than a bear, but whatever.
  4. Asmodeux

    EU Referendum

    The Europe has been always dead. There's not even unity in some former countries of it. How are they supposed to keep all of this going ? And the € is almost equal to the $, comparing to some years ago. Funny the Brexit won pushing all on immigration, while the average British guy is far from being a pale one, as well a huge part of their economy moves around them, from low-paid to professional positions. If this has happened the fault is of who managed the problem and focused on sentimentalism, instead of trying to solve it. Not surprised they want to propose the same referendum in other states. And yes I live in Europe, again yes in one of those countries where they used recent news just to take the baton, all in all just changing liar. Hope Scotland will leave the UK, just to kick that mummy out of their land.
  5. The best thing you could do if having paid a month is to login on bmtmicro and stopping the recurring payment, as well to check the expire date of your membership. In case you should not know how to do that: HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ------------------------------- You can use this login information next time you order. Use this link and the above login to review your account online or request changes in your subscription. https://secure.bmtmicro.com/customers User/pass should have been sent to you after the purchase. Anyway I agree those info should be included on the 3dxchat mainsite, while instead it's all unknown unless you check it manually.
  6. Can't load any zone. All I get is an error of my graphic driver. Right now I've set the HD Intel 5500 on, but my graphic card is a NVDIA Geforce 840M. Tried to lower resolution, quality and to set it on windowed, but nothing changes. Any idea ? EDIT: Managed to load the sin club, tried to move to another zone and it freezed, shutting down. Meh guess I'll wait till it'll be fixed and officially released, even if right now imho the game seems a lot brighter than before, but maybe it depends on settings as far as I tested it.
  7. I'm a former World Of Warcraft player (vanilla-->cata), but I left after cata, even if considering the upcoming legion and see about what to do. Playing bdo right now on a EU server, but very seldomly as the game is nice, but imho still misses of something that can keep me focus on it. Played other mmo, including particular ones like Myst Online. http://mystonline.com as mobas and fps (like Overwatch, released few weeks ago) are not my cup of tea.
  8. Right now listening to this, even if I'm very random about songs, especially on my mood: or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwXP7qj0E8
  9. That I'd clap to devs only after the release. Words are words, facts another thing, so till that point I'll just wait politely.
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