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  1. I have tried chrome.microsft edge and firefox to log into member area however it still just keeps giving a new I'm not a robot box but will not let me log in. I need to uninstall and reinstall but want to change my email and password before I do. Can you help?
  2. I really do hope 3dx fixes the music issues that are still going on by then!
  3. Looking forward to it! Can't wait to rock some Tool........WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
  4. OOlisa will be hosting:)
  5. DJ Lineup and times: noon - 2pm...Valkman 2pm-4-pm.....Achroi 4pm-6pm......Asha 6pm-8pm......Flake 8pm-10pm....Starrfyre-Steffi 10pm-midnight...OOlisa All times are EST
  6. It's gonna be fun I can't wait
  7. And now it is time to have some Irish fun with great people and awesome music:)))))
  8. We hope to see everyone there on Saturday night and hope when you have a chance come rock out with us every Friday and Saturday, today from 2-6 pm will be at the beach pavillion so Beach attire is perfectly acceptable:)
  9. haha Oli if you are there I will make sure we have a beer belly competion!
  10. The Dragons of Fire MC is proud to announce the grand opening of ROCK the DOCKS this Friday 2/16 at 2pm EST and again on Saturday 2/17 at 7PM EST live DJ's and lots of fun. The Docks will then be open weekly at these days and times for you dancing pleasure. You will always be able to find your favorite Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, EDM/Trance or any Genre you prefer. We hope you will all join us for good fun and friends and Friends you may not have met yet!
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