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  1. My dear Aesh, Thank you for your sharing,for the time being our friends, thank you for the love you gave as friend, lover, the HUMAN. She is no longer among us, let's hope she is in a better world now, where there is no more pain destroying her. But her inner beauty will shine like a sun all over us. The beauty of sharing her story, her being... Thanks Aeshya!!!!!!!!!
  2. i am glad you are so awesome (has her fingers crossed as she wrote this)
  3. bugs i found: 1st (maybe my pc): you can see one, (maybe a handful) profiles, then it's the end and all profiles (also on ingame players) are not able top be viewed 2nd: if you iggy a player the player will always be in full iggy if you delete that player from your iggy list, that player stays invisible until you reload the room 3rd: if someone cold you, clicking the name doesn;t work, you have to click on the avi to pm, or whatever) 4th: in it's wisdom 3dx looks like Miscrosoft and deleted my iggied players (don;t want to shout, but: I want them back!!!!!!!! they are there for a reason) 5th: own streams are not audible in your room. is it broken again? (didn't test ingame stations) 6th: a choice should be made if to iggy an avi or an account also a full and or partial iggy should be possible
  4. probably the patch loaded. then the updater crashes
  5. an obvious question deserves a clear answer *wonders if the reply was a question (because of the "?", while the sentence looks like a reply (if the texting is thoroughly deciphered)*
  6. only for paying members
  7. Gizmo.. pls is a file-format (playlist).. not a stream-format (check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PLS_(file_format) This can also contain any kind of media-source. This is the same for a M3U-format (check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U , Both formats tell just a playlist-format and not a music-format, eg mp3; .ogg and so on.
  8. Although there where only about 10 players visiting, in my opinion it was a success. Off course I had to learn and might have made mistakes, I am looking forward to have the next lecture on the next 1st Monday of November November 10th, again starting at 9pm CET
  9. It's not an erotic workshop, sorry The topics are just the beginner questions and the related ones (I hope) Regarding a transcript, let's wait how this turns out. Most is to be found in the topics in the forum anyway. Maybe i can gather people around me, like bunny's team, to have these workshops also in other timezones I am occupied myself with work and school (in the evening:) Somehow i need my work to pay the rent
  10. Rob, I invite nobody, it's free for all to attend the workshop
  11. New at 3dx? In memory of the workshop(s) Sugar Bunny held with her team, I am trying to give the Newbie Workshop a new life. I have noticed that a lot of new players have tons of questions, the classes Sugar (and her team) gave, where educational and if I had the time, even as a more “experienced” player, I loved to attend them. This workshop will be held at October 2 9.00 pm CET. We all began here at 3dx as a newbie, some have experiences on other sites. What are the topics: How to meet people and make friendsCool things you can do with your profileAwesome additions in your apartmentMaking picturesMake role play more interesting Don’t we all want to get the most out of the game? Love, Rufien (The workshop will be kept under the name of Ivessa)
  12. For god sake tell us not that all our current rooms we build are beeing destroyed by this "wonderful" update If so i would play Sims
  13. So far i am running and playing Icecast with Ices2. using ogg Until now I never heard any complains about lost music btw am using Linux as host
  14. Has to do with the graphic card. there are more players having this issue Heather
  15. had my own brain operation in 1976.. i was #6 they ever operated on. 2 died because of complications The operation was successful.. though after 1 month i was indicated as an epileptic... Back then all i wanted was to die.. for as a teen you don't see the good side of life. But after a long time we got the epileptic under control To all those suffering.. I wish you all the strength you need Shania All have a wonderful time at the party
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