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  1. I'm getting this error every time I try to patch Update Tried several times more, the game just finished patching, seems to be working fine now.
  2. Yup, same thing for me as well. I closed the patcher and now the client says could not connect to server.
  3. That profile pic is fanciful enough! Anyway I'll make sure to be there
  4. Yup just dc-ed a few minutes ago. Looks like the server may have exploded :3
  5. Oh it's a nice game, played for a bit when I saw it on Steam. Too bad my ping is horrible.
  6. Am I the only one having trouble reading this sentence? >.>
  7. I voted for new features because there isn't much else to do here except for the obvious. Would be so much better if there are some mini-games for groups. Right now there's only the spin-the-bottle Truth or Dares, would be nice if there are more things like that, things that are either mini-games in themselves (the beach volleyball for instance, although nobody actually plays that), or features that facilitate group activities (spin-the-bottle feature for example).
  8. I think it's fine to be anyone playing as anything you want here. This game is meant to live out your fantasies after all. I personally don't mind at all about people playing as something/someone they're not.
  9. If memory serves, 15th May 2016 for both the game and the forum.
  10. Waltzing on the Red Square, under a starry night, with "Moscow Nights" playing in the background...
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