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  1. You know you can just like move the chairs however you want? if that is your room, like if you are so eager to pose in a chair to a dining table, you can simply go to room customization and move the chair to whatever fits your needs.. It's not even a complicated process, clearly with not much brain thinking that chair was made to make the dining table look reasonable, I wouldn't feel like doing anything else sit in there and roleplay eating a donut or something.
  2. I can't believe someone actually complained about clipping issues with custom rooms lmao.
  3. There is only the groaning and the moaning sounds.. or there are a hidden language behind that...?
  4. I'm genuinely looking for the mysterious "Pose editor" even though it keeps being hidden under vague responses such as "Maybe.. wink wink", not really to make anything sexual related, I like to do pinup posing and show off screenshot about it, if the devs can actually push something like that, it will be considered as some sort of free advertising, having a game where you can pose like a model and it's that easy as you move point x to point Y and spin around z? what is so bad about that?
  5. If you are so religious and care SO MUCH for religion things... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN AN ADULT SEX GAME!? JFC...
  6. Why even debate about it? Just ignore/block the people and done, you don't have to actually read the toxic shit going there, so simple and easy.
  7. You can't really swear or speak louder in your work place or your formal work place with managers and such, let alone speak and discuss politics in a work place, or a supermarket where everyone just mind their own business and came for a purpose. This is a sex game community not r/politics. It has nothing with freedom of speech or censorship.
  8. Hello, I would like to suggest a rule to prevent people from speaking about politics in the world chat, since people usually escape the real world madness to chill in the game, and then all you can see recently is people speaking about politics matter trying to enforce their opinions upon each other in a very childish attitude ending up in an argue or a conflict, I genuinely don't think this is the right place for that kind of talk, there are forums and chats for that kind of stuff in reddit and else. Thank you.
  9. It's like my mother when she blames the power station for going off when there is a wild rainy storm outside causing it.
  10. I suggest messaging the support about that, as you will only bait scams to track you in the forums.
  11. However as the topic says, we need a fix for that 90 rotate thing, not to argue either they are FF or MM. Feel like debating why call them FF or else, go make your own suggestion topic, and rant on it why they don't like to feed your puss on puss fantasy.
  12. Do you guys even make money of this? I mean whatever, it's just an everyday room packing with people and afk in loop dance.
  13. Well, as I said it's no one business why they afk, or why they sit and chill somewhere, just try to not go butthurt about how other people play 3dxchat in a their own way, afk or present, online or offline. Also calling them "faction" is like calling for dramatic replies.
  14. Not gonna lie, when I saw this in the login feed, I was slightly surprised and excited assuming this is a PUBLIC NEW ROOM like Sin club, Night club etc added to the public rooms with the theme of Lovense, not some mere everyday "GRAND OPENING O MAH GAAAD" kind of room to be advertised there honestly, I mean if you are going to advertise something big in the front page of client login, at least make it a Public official room not some user made room.
  15. I forgot to mention that the devs are LITERALLY working so hard to patch the game, update it and advertise it so hard just so it can hold more number of people and to have as much players as it could without going into issues, I remember the other time I mentioned something like "Great now more people will join and crash the server" And Lisa somehow quoted me and replied something like "The server is capable of holding a lot more players" or something similar, almost felt like I was sort of offending the devs effort and I was claiming false info, so they are not worried about saving resources, they want more people in.
  16. Yes add a kick afk system because people are farming xgold while they are afk(?) as well as gaining ranked points for doing so(?) it's not fair for legit people who play the game being present and do not afk in safe spawn point (didn't know this was some FPS call of duty ranked game where being online or offline matters) they should always log in game and go grab someone and bang, Activity is a must (Hell even mmo games like FFXIV doesn't kick you for afking lol), also yes game will be less filled with players, and eventually dies like most of the adult sex games out there that hardly anyone remembers now, where you login to hardly find few people playing it or none at all. This is not a buy to play game, or free to play game to "save resources" you basically pay a fee and you can just lay down in the beach and listen to music or whatever, after your monthly/years sub is over you are kicked until you resub again. About why people do it, it's everyone business, some just want to be present in their opened rooms, some just want to feel they are cuddling their loved ones all night for their own fun/fantasy, some just enjoying the music in some beach room, some just flexing their digital relationship slowdancing all day in game, they are free to do whatever they want, you don't pay their service to be bothered about it but hey.. Great suggestion. 200 IQ there.
  17. Question is what do YOU want for men to wear? a dress? a skirt? or a short T-shirt that reveals your belly? all of the new male clothes are appreciated from my point of view.
  18. I had it for a day now, and believe me hardly anyone bothered to cold me. I'm probably too old for this.
  19. It does work with "lesbians" poses if you know how pleasure toys actually work Leeloo.
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