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  1. then start a new topic i don't care this is about the server being down not cookies, rooms or about shit that people call other people , where is the "server down" talk i know it was talked about in the start but then the talk in this topic should had ended and moved somewhere else, that's how i see and my opinion take it as you want i don't care. yeah write about the server being down but this topic has taken another direction then i think it should be in.
  2. @Gizmo once you see this if you do, i think this topic needs a close, cause it has gone way to off track with people talking about other stuff then what the topic is about. besides that keep fighting the ddos and win for the sake of 3dx
  3. okay so i want you to really think about what you use of words, cause calling someone like me a wannabe just because i asked for it does not mean i'm a wannabe, if i was a wannabe, cause if i was i would try to be like someone else or fit in with the group, which i'm clearly not trying to do cause i'm myself. And your saying people when it was just one person aka Alivia and she had not even spoken in this topic before that. I'm done. Ps: try to look up words before using them.
  4. did i waste anybody's time? didn't ask Alivia to find it so she did it by herself and that was nice of her, compared to you who seems to be mad or something about 3dx no matter where i have seen you write stuff, i somehow say one thing and you act pissed or something, i asked for it didn't say it should be found cause i would still have the opinion no matter what on the topic, also again don't tell me what to do i breath just fine. So one last time leave me alone and DON'T Quote me again and move on okay.
  5. i honestly don't care what you wanted to waste your time on and what you don't want to waste it on, right now your honestly just being a pain in the ass towards me, i said in my last post don't quote me again and what the fuck do you do, so lets just drop this right here and now and you leave me the hell alone okay can that like get shived into the thick skull you seem to have? cause i'm tired of wasting my time on you.
  6. oh i surely have a clue on whats being talked about, ain't blind and yes Alivia was kind enough to find it cause hey i don't live on this forum like a lot of others might do for that example you Tsela you seem to live on here trying to look like the "i know everything" guy on here, oh and i don't pay attention to things that don't seem to happen anytime soon even if its promised or not, so as of this stop quoting me, have said what i wanted to say and feel i even waste my time now at this point cause none of us gets anything out of fighting over things like this, oh yes one last thing don't te
  7. if your the Ex from 3dx you should know my old avatar Razz who i was in the past, been at lorelias place a few times as AceX now
  8. Ex stay out of this okay, don't call me new cause i'm not new and you know it.
  9. lol i have see this and thank you Alivia , well i'm still gonna stick to my own opinion on it as a hole, it might be a useful feature but still should be approved from the devs when a pose is created. Oh btw don't call me or anyone else a wannabe cause you don't know where i spend my time on 3dx or where anyone else does, i'm so tempted to insult you but i pick not to cause it would be a waste of my time to even do, just because some people can enjoy public places does not mean they don't go to a created room or have one themself to enjoy, so don't waste you own time on replying to th
  10. How about we just drop it here now? cause i don't think it happen else you would be able to prove me it right here and now right? also don't call me new i have most likely been here longer then you believe it or not as this ain't my first account on the forum. i get that THX and yes i would love to see new players on 3dx that actually are new and not just someones alt, but the way i see it some of us pays monthly for 3dx right or maybe i'm the only one idk also don't care on that part, but if it ends up with us making basically everything for the devs at the end, why should we t
  11. I'm confident in my words cause i have been around for almost as long as the game has been out and no i don't have insider info, but i just don't think they got any updates on it like i said, and yes i know the devs have been lacking communications with us and it has been that for a long ass time now and i also believe they got their reasons for it, cause i have seen people complain over the time just because the devs didn't give them what they wanted so i guess they feel well shitted on so to say it. We don't need it if you ask me but i'm one person out of all of you, also i re
  12. we don't get any update about it cause they got no update on it to give us, so all i can say is that i don't believe we will get it, plus like THX is saying we see other that are making poses for the devs, which i find awesome cause big thumbs up for those people, but i get you on the part of a small team can't follow up on everyone's wishes for poses, but hey maybe people should just take a step back and chill and let the things take it the time it needs, rushing the devs don't make stuff come faster. But i think there is things in the game that just don't need to be make able by players
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