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  1. @PatrickPeterson, you better not get in between...
  2. You want a course in hardware issues?
  3. I trust him after all, but yeah not with my credit card xD
  4. I got a friend who wants to join the game but he doesn't have a credit card. Is it possible for me to buy him a 30 day time code, then give him the key without him using a Credit Card?
  5. Captain Tennaria of House Lin-Flursa, and her daughter Tuerria.
  6. Inofficial Club Felucia calendar of one of the guards, which was a Zeltron.
  7. Sometimes I just feel like trying out going into Supermarket in Sweden with our Army F2 Gasmask equipped xD

    I mean just to see how people would reactπŸ˜†

  8. And don't forget to wash your hands xD
  9. I threatened my server with an hammer once at home, it worked after that xD
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