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  1. thanks Jay, got it sorted in the end!
  2. did all of that no joy. used to be so straightforward, i downloaded what was requested and still nothing. way too frustrating for 1am in the morning
  3. Happy birthday!! Have been away for awhile decided to come back, but my god its like cracking the enigma code! Cant get the client to work, telling me to download this and that, I'm no techno guru, but its all so confusing!
  4. The end of it all...what was the point?

    1. IamTheNight


      ...You should take it like a fresh start :)

    2. Ashbash


      Hope youb be okay Sara, if I see you in game, I'll be sure to say hi!

  5. YOU invade my mind..and excite my senses

  6. Damn Staci! Your good at finding some pretty sweet gems when it comes to poses!! Loving it!
  7. Damn! Missed it! Any chance u could set up another one? Doesn't have to be too soon. Just give us a heads up when ur doing it.. Me and my beau would absolutely LOVE it if u could! Just the occasional love night would be great for couples... Thanks for the brilliant idea!
  8. Pink it is then... Love and hugs to u sweetheart!
  9. My husband...and how I plan on making love to him tonight!
  10. God...there are so many but it seems that the ones I like come from tumblr
  11. A www......thanks guys! Really appreciate ur help! I'll give it a go!
  12. Help!! I have been trying for soo long to upload gifs onto this forum and I'm making a complete hash of it! Argghhhh! I have had some help (thank you Nephilin ) but I'm still messing up. When I try to copy the gif into the message box; the paste button is greyed out! I've tried every frigging button on the post editor and NOTHING seems to work! I'm starting to lose the will to live here people. Surely it cant be that hard? Could I get some more help please? But could you talk to me like your explaining it to a 7 year old cos I'm not too hot on all the computer techno speak. Sorry! Thanks guys
  13. Where do I start! So many!! But my favs are: woman on top leaning forward kissing, being fucked up against the wall, and (please!! 3dxchat!) getting my boobs squeezed and sucked! Oh......!
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