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  1. I agree it gives it more realism for those that want the look. And its sexy as well.
  2. Staci

    Say Hello!

    Welcome newcomers to the game. Should be in for some fun and interesting times! Lots of great folks to meet. Enjoy
  3. Keep getting disconnected after logging in..i click reconnect....then same thing happens. Tried EURO and US server. same issue
  4. Happy Halloween! I know it will be a great time. Schedule conflict but i know you and Ash will rock it:))
  5. Did I buy enough food to feed this crazy army?
  6. Staci

    Say Hello!

    Welcome folks. We have a great, friendly and interesting community. I am sure you will find some unique and fun experiences. Enjoy and if you are out in game, please say hello.
  7. Many congrads you two. Sorry I missed it due to travel.. Wishing you both much happiness. and joy.
  8. Waking up in totally opposite coast of US ain't bad.
  9. Congrads guys. Great representatives to keep the train moving and going forward. Yay Shanti, Ash, Skar and Chilles!
  10. Staci

    Open Mic Night

    Lets do it...Sing till somebody goes home But heah...this is gonna be fun. Thanks for another great idea to keep it fresh.
  11. Staci

    Merging Topics

    Great idea keep duplicate items consolidated for easier reference.
  12. With any communication and conversation, I would hope but know it doesn't always happen, for folks to be respectful and true. Any chat forum, especially gives people anonymity and opportunity to flame, be unauthentic with little or no consequence. Lets use what we have to help each other and the community if you want....but with any good advice such as in this post...think of yourself as priority for your well being and sanity...first.. Protect your sanity and you .....why be buck naked? Love his gun by the way...
  13. Very nice work. Its fantastic imagery.
  14. Nice Job devs...please keep supporting all of the folks. We all want to enjoy it as much as possible.
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