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  1. Really sorry to hear this. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx ❤️
  2. Dear readers We are pleased to present our September issue (just!) ^^ of Charlie Vogue. Thank you for your continued support https://issuu.com/charlie_vogue/docs/septemberissueonline
  3. Idk if we're up to monthly speed but issue #2 will be out 'soon™' 🍾 🥳
  4. Thank you to everyone who toughed it out last night and partied with us in the foam despite server crashes and other issues. A huge thank you to the Army of Dolls and my fabulous DJs! - we couldn't have done it without you all. Mwah! ♡
  5. Woohoo! It's today! We've ordered extra champagne for even more bubbles! Hope to see you there ♡ 8pm CET (doors likely to open 20 mins prior)
  6. Poster updated with DJs and very happy to welcome The Army of Dolls who will be dancing for us ^^
  7. DJ lineup booked & confirmed! ^^ DJ 'Sy-cho' Syeira DJ Terry Screw DJ Tysonnn DJ Jazzie Navarro DJ Richo
  8. Well it's been almost a year since I held my last event >.< so i'm pleased to say the Velvet Pearl is back and with something new! ☺️ I will keep this thread updated with DJ lineups and announcements. Hope to see you there!
  9. Ah this must be the dark web I've heard about 😂
  10. Thank you to everyone who attended my grand opening! It was a blast and I had a really great night! Not sure when I'll open next, but hopefully soon (and not 2+ years time >.<)
  11. Not long now so here are a couple more teasers ^^ The entrance to my club.. with posters for my DJs <3 and watching over things from my office ^^ (like a boss ;p)
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