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  1. its not even crashing its just sitting on a black screen on launch and never moves
  2. i was told to reinstall the game, so no help at all .-.
  3. don't think they will be able to help if the only fix is to reinstall windows, its n utter waste of time to get one game to work
  4. do they even have support, nor do i expect they would actually do anything useful other than tell me reinstall and do everything i have already done
  5. aye no this black screen sticks. iv reinstalled game multiple times tried compatibility modes, it ain't drivers, it ain't what the game is installed on vpns didn't work, i went into the config files and played around with things n that didn't work, unplugging my rift doesn't fix it either. it was working on 414 but not anymore
  6. iv done everything possible apart from reinstalling windows entirely
  7. I dont even get to log in the game window appears and is a black screen n doesn't progress. this is what it looks like basicly
  8. Anyone know any other possible fixes?
  9. I Got a vpn and wasn't free all their "free" trials are lies but ay it didn't work nor did i expect it too N cant really afford to reinstall windows so rip my dollarydoos
  10. not exsactly willing to waste money in n attempt it might work
  11. was running few patches ago but not on current patch, the game that is. graphics driver aint the issue, nor would it be a performance issue computers a beefy boy. but basicly game opens and sits on black screen installing it on ssd aint doing the trick so its not load times either wiped it clean off repetedly and reinstalled n all that nonsese
  12. Basicly title says it all the game wont load anymore uninstalling n all the nonsense dont work i just sit on a black screen when trying to launch it
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