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  1. I support this idea. If chats can be monitored for specific phrases and game names then I think it's perfectly possible to filter room names as well. Both specific phrases and variations / anagrams of them could be filtered. It would be much clearer for everyone what name they can and cannot give to their rooms and it wouldn't lead to any misunderstanding.
  2. Yes, I'm looking at this from a technical perspective. No, it has nothing to do with "exclusive male pleasure" and I don't know why you connect one to the other. How I behave with a partner has nothing to do with what I'd like to see in-game. I'd like people to have more freedom of choice. Personally, I wouldn't change my avatar because I am what I am. But I would still support the right of others to change how they like. And I don't think it has anything to do with your femininity or the respect towards you. I'm sorry if you feel men only use or exploit you but I don't see how it has anything to do with transgender options in the game.
  3. No worries. I voted "no" because of the disadvantage of having dedicated transgender avatars I wrote in my original first point. I wouldn't want people to be forced into categories in which they are then stuck. I think the long-term solution would be to have more freedom when creating the avatars, pairing body types with genitals for example, or even wearing gender-neutral clothing. The whole system should be more flexible than just adding more genders, so that people could express themselves better in the game as they are, or as they change with time (pre-op, post-op, etc). And this of course involves how users are represented in their profiles, how different poses are handled by the game, etc. If the developers just added a new option for creating a transgender avi, many poses would have to be duplicated (again), then what about threesomes, etc. It's already often confusing. The problem in my opinion is more complex and the solution should be more flexible as well.
  4. I'm not sure what your problem with my post is, and how you got to your assumptions about me.
  5. Technically speaking, this could be solved in two ways during avatar creation (in my opinion): First, the ability to choose between four options: Male, Female, Transgender Male (a male body with a vagina) and Transgender Female (a female body with a penis). The advantage here is that everyone could choose and stick to the option they identify as, or prefer (or simply want to role-play as). However, the disadvantage is that after you create your avatar, you are stuck with that option/genital, with no chance to ever change it freely. Second, the avatar creator could be completely free, in that you could freely pair your body type (Male or Female) with your genital (penis or vagina). It could even be a character editor option where you can freely switch between them, or at least genitals. The game could also handle changes better, not forcing a penis/strap-on on women if they don't want it, but simply disabling the poses that would otherwise need them. Also, profiles should clearly state what the user is currently, differentiating between males, females and trans people so that no one gets a surprise when the pants come off (not everyone clarifies this on their profiles). So I think the problem can be approached from two directions: either by what options the avatar creation process offers, and/or what in-game options you have to edit your avatar. Also, the handling of different poses by the game is important, too. I have absolutely no problem with females with dicks, either on purpose or by accident (meaning I'm not put off if it accidentally appears during a sex pose, if anything it can be just awkwardly funny), but I agree that the game should handle these differences better.
  6. @Gizmo @Lisa We find your lack of communication disturbing.
  7. I think you are wrong on this one. Generally, if we stick to the rulebook by the letter, you are right of course. But there are many cases, including this one, that don't apply. Punishment is not the goal, the goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to all users. That's why in cases like this the enforcer of the law, in good faith, warns people that enforcement will be stricter. For example, this is the case on New Year's Eve, when police warns people in advance that they will check drivers more often. The goal is not to catch drunk drivers and punish more people, the goal is to prevent them from drinking in the first place. This is why I think the developers, in good faith, should have given a warning prior to suspending accounts, so everyone would have known not to use World Chat like before. An even closer example could be a game developer that warns cheaters they would start banning cheating users from a given day. Thus encouraging people to give up unlawful behaviour and still keep them as future customers. Punishment should never be the sole goal. The developers here knew that many people used World Chat that way so they also must have known their move (if it was really their move) would affect a meaningful part of the community, especially those who organize and host the events in 3DX. So it was not in their interest to silently start suspending on a random day and pointing fingers at the rules. Also, there's still no logic behind why they let people do it without warning any of them, and then suddenly started suspending them. Why did they let them do it so far? Isn't this the same reason they implemented the 60 second limiter? Why didn't they start enforcing then? Spam was common knowledge (and a problem) and they didn't say "we'll enforce the rule now", they implemented the timer for this very reason. If they really did this and started this enforcement without warning then they don't manage this community properly because they haven't been transparent about this rule now, before with the timer, and even before that. There should be a cooperative relationship between the service providers and the users and there should be common courtesy present between them. In my short opinion, all the developers should have had to do was issue a warning like this: "Please don't use World Chat for advertising your events. We will start suspending spamming users from this and this day, in accordance to Game Rules 2.15. Thank you." The service providers are not police and the users are not potential criminals. Neither side should feel or be treated like that.
  8. If it has always been there, why start enforcing it now, without warning users? They must have known it would affect a lot of people because almost all room hosts used WC for this purpose. So if they made the decision that they would enforce this paragraph strictly from Thursday (which, again, doesn't make much sense, why that day in the first place) then they should have issued a warning before it. It's not in the developers' interest to piss off so many people. No service works like that and I'm sure this one doesn't either. It's not like "ok, let's flip the switch on this rule, don't tell anyone, they will ALL realize it by next day". So there is an element of logic that's missing here.
  9. My suggestion is that from now on, nobody post anything in World Chat. It's still a way to confirm whether it was the reason for all bans. If you still get banned then there's another reason. If not then you know. Avoid posting anything in World Chat. You also don't know whether it's done by user reports or it's an automated system. You never know if someone sits there and his hobby is reporting everyone who posts there. So just don't.
  10. I agree, that's why it would be great to hear from the people in charge. Having (and giving) no information whatsoever leads to speculation. I even checked the game rules on the website and it doesn't mention anything about this either. Waiting patiently for an announcement then. 🙂
  11. Theory: Someone hacked into 3DX's system. May be relatively easily done since 3DX is on a temporary server solution right now. Said individual sat there, being angry for people advertising in World Chat. Collected their names and managed to issue bans for all of them, possibly all in a few hours on that Thursday night. Threw in some names he/she already hated for good measure. That last part would also explain why some people who weren't even online got banned as well. Might or might not be the same person(s) who issued the DDoS attack against the original servers a few weeks before. Said individual is now sitting back and laughing at all the people getting confused and angry, mostly at the developers. So I can only reinforce my belief that it would be beneficial for all if the developers could accurately clarify what exactly happened to all these people. Even when the bans expire, no one will be able to move on until the exact cause is known because it can happen again at any time. Whether it is a new policy or a hacker still sitting in the game looking for advertisers or whomever, we (and the affected users above all) have to know.
  12. To be fair, judging by the scale of this ban wave it's also possible someone hacked the system and automatically banned everyone who posted in World Chat. It's not necessarily on the developers / admins themselves. I suggest we wait for an official confirmation from them.
  13. Ok, so the official Game Rules mention spam only one time in the 2.05 paragraph. It goes like this: "2.05. Spamming or posting nonsensical messages is prohibited in the chats. This also includes excessive use of caps." I don't know if this is a change compared to what's been in there before but I doubt it. Still, "spamming" is not accurately clarified and if this is a new policy being enforced then room owners and event organizers should have been warned beforehand.
  14. We still haven't got any explanation about whether it is a bug or a new policy?
  15. The newly implemented "Sport 2" pose (see attachment) doesn't work, at least with male avatars. The avatar merely takes up the last used pose upon click, or stands idle if no pose was used beforehand. Also, the avatar gets halfway stuck in the ground / bed, so I assume the positioning of the avatar is correct, only it doesn't take up the pose it should. This is completely reproducable, it happens every time, not a bug you encounter every now and then. I hope the next update fixes it, thank you in advance.
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