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  1. Unfortunately with most programs that do this, the quality goes down quite a bit in many areas. If they do this, they would have to be extremely choosy about what goes through. Then we would have a rebellion from those who might be turned down.... it could get messy, perhaps more messy than they care to tolerate.
  2. Well, decorating just got a lot more complicated and irritating than it should be. This is going to take time to get used to and quite frankly I am not sure I got the patience for it.
  3. Good gods WHEN are you all going to add basic restraints and toys!!
  4. Unless there is some RP that involves some sneaky ass slipping it off and a dramatic fit afterwords, I don't see a reason for it. It isn't like there are diseases or pregnancy scares to worry about.
  5. Hmm... thought the anti social one would be obnoxious... I'll take moderate. Disorder | Rating ParanoidDisorder | Moderate SchizoidDisorder | Moderate SchizotypalDisorder | Low AntisocialDisorder | Moderate BorderlineDisorder | Low HistrionicDisorder | Low NarcissisticDisorder | Low AvoidantDisorder | Moderate DependentDisorder | Low Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder | Moderate
  6. I usually talk to the pharmacist about possible side effects and if they know cases of those with issues. They don't have to give private personal info about anyone to give general statistics. Of course if you don't trust the pharmacist to give it to you straight, I do hope you find someone who's taking it.
  7. Absolutely. You cannot make someone behave the way you think they should so do your best not to give a flying flip and put them on ignore. It really is the only thing to do if you don't want the crap and drama.
  8. I'm not the original poster but perhaps this above is why I answered earlier that I never felt changed by these games but they have tested me in who I am from time to time. I think it can also have something to do with feeling freed up and anonymous enough to be an ass-hat without any face to face, real life consequence. Generally I don't give a flying fig who's a jerk and who isn't. I just put them on ignore and move on. I'm here to relax and enjoy, not argue and stress. I do what I can to just stay away from those who love to stir it up. Then again, I guess if they were just cut off from everyone they'd just not come back anyway... win/win for the rest of the members.
  9. I'm in the yes crowd and I'd also like to add that allowing a name change option would be nice for a cost too. Let them attach the changes to the profiles so there is a list of what they used to be.
  10. Sorry, why was that not nice? It was direct and to the point without any insult to anyone's character. A tad sarcastic maybe but still, not insulting. All things considered, its also the truth. If you don't think something is worth your time or money, stop using it. It's just that simple. Find something you do like and focus on that.
  11. I pop in to bug... er... poke at... well... chat sometimes with people in the mornings. I'll check evenings too sometimes too but I kinda like that daily bonus. I'm hoping they add a few more things to buy, toys, variety in the drinks, maybe even extra clothing and furniture packs or something... better gift ideas? I don't know. But now that they are adding more things ever so often, even f at a trickle, I'm guessing its only a matter of time.
  12. Wow, that can cut deep for some people. I've been with the 3dx program for a couple years off and on, more so lately. But this message board for only a couple months. I can't say I hate what I've become. Maybe it's my age as I'm in my 40s, but this site more tests me on who and what I already am more than anything else. I think, with this world in the state it's in today, that if I haven't done myself or anyone else any purposeful harm and have done my best to correct anything that would be considered damaging, then I cant see any reason to be hating on myself. Are there a few things I'd like to change? Sure, we all have things we would gladly swap out for better in our own minds. But over all that seems to be a state of mind of never enjoying what you do have and always thinking other people have it better. The trouble with that is everyone has problems and issues to deal with. Everyone. Some just manage them a lot better than others while some have no idea where to start or what to do. One of the things I have learned early on is that our choices in life can help add to and eventually sway who we are. If you are not happy with who or where you are then do something different. Think about the kind of person you want to be and then break down what might help get you there. There is this idea of "fake it til you make it" going around lately, and if a person is determined enough to do or be something better (within reachable reason of course), then starting to behave in that way no matter what anyone else says can get you going in that direction. If you are not sure how then do some research, find a life coach, talk to a councilor of some sort, whatever it takes to get you on a path you would rather be on. Most important, never give up. Relax, slow down, observe and contemplate when you need to, but never give up.
  13. I'm assuming you mean which of your emails? I'd say whichever email you used to sign up with.
  14. At least they are adding things now. Better than that long nothing that went on. I'll take little by little. I hope they mix it up more though, still waiting for the BDSM side to even really get started.
  15. Cuz we are still in the holiday season... I always snickered with this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZmRIcAu4O8
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