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  1. "Send Gift Error" is literally addressing a bug. Or are you not familiar with the definition of the word ErRoR? xD Anyways, you're missing the entire point of my post which is that half the people that complain here are simply the type of person that cannot be pleased no matter what the Devs do. If they release an update that addresses bugs, people complain they didn't get new outfits, poses, etc. If they release an update that gives new outfits or poses then they complain about not addressing the game's bugs or stability. That type of spoiled brat behavior is exactly why they don't bother being transparent about anything with you people, because even if they did, you'd just find something else to rant and rave about, which renders moot the entire point of trying to communicate with you in the first place. As said many times by many people, maybe just be glad a game like this even exists at all. It's not like services like Steam, Epic, or Origin will ever dream of hosting such a game, nor will a AAA game developer ever dream of trying to develop one as businesses would never attach their name via advertisement to a game with sexual content such as 3DX. So yeah, try focusing more on being happy with what you have rather than focusing only on what you don't have and you'll find life to be a lot more enjoyable experience. Cheers.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. I checked in the game settings and all the resolution options appear to be the same as before the update as far as I can tell.
  3. For months upon months people complain about bugs, crashes, etc. and want the devs to address game stability. Now the devs do that and release a patch addressing those type of issues and the same people now complain about not getting another outfit or pose or whatever. Unbelievable. (p.s. Complaining about no new female clothes is laughable. We men don't even have SOCKS yet!)
  4. Wrong. :P Here is the SOLUTION everyone. After updating Windows 10 to the new 20H2 version that was released last month my patcher ran fine and unzipped successfully. So that is the problem, it's a windows version issue, not a 3dx issue. The patch must've been written and released after the pc Gizmo used to do so on was updated. So if you're having the unzipping issue, updating your Windows 10 to the new 20H2 version will solve your problem! For the un-tech savvy out there, do the following: 1. In windows, go to Settings-------Update & Security 2. Click the "Check for Updates" button 3. If Update to Windows 10 20H2 blah blah shows up, choose to download and install it and let Windows do it's thing.(your pc will need to be rebooted after it finishes). 4. After the update completes successfully and you reboot your pc, go to wherever it is you have the game files for 3dx installed(mine is installed in a custom location on a separate SSD for gaming, so not sure what the default location is) and run Patcher.exe in administrative mode(right click it and you'll see the option to do so). 5. The patcher will download the V429 update, unzip, and install it successfully. Hope that helps anyone that was having problems with this. Have fun! =)
  5. Yeah, I thought of that too as well as making sure the patcher is set to run with full Administrative Privileges. After trying all that it still hangs on unzipping and never finishes. Pretty frustrating.
  6. Just tried the update out and I can confirm the problem listed above........stuck at "unzipping" and never finishes. Checked the process in task manager and it's literally hanging there doing nothing. Gonna just sit tight 'til we hear from the devs about what to do.
  7. This is a huge timesaver! Thanks as always for all your hard work to make our 3DX lives a little easier, Cheers!
  8. You missed the point of my post entirely. Re-read the final paragraph. I'm not faulting anyone for being upset, I'm pointing out the childish manner in which many choose to voice their frustration. It is hard to take criticism seriously when people conduct themselves like kiddos who have had their car keys taken away for the weekend. Coming onto the forums and simply bashing the Devs, posting memes, and threatening to quit(but never doing so) accomplishes absolutely nothing other than to show said person has zero capability of managing their emotions about a GAME not being available for a short period of time. It's the internet equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum. Not a good look. And I do understand the difference between a service and a product. I hold both an MBA and Bachelor's degree in Business Management. I am 38 years of age and have been running my own business successfully and independently since I was 26. Which is also why this behavior perturbs me. I deal with people on a daily basis that simply cannot be pleased, relish any chance they get to tag themselves as a victim, or choose to exhibit the emotional maturity of a 12 year-old despite being chronologically an adult any time things do not go their way or their outlandish expectations are not met. Have the Devs made mistakes? Sure. Could they be more transparent? Absolutely. It IS annoying when the server hiccups and the disconnects happen. Everyone agrees on that. What I don't understand, or accept, is that people like yourself yell and pound your fists in online rage-quit mode, but continue to patronize the very same company that you claim is so awful, so incompetent, and offers such an inferior product. What is the logic or sense in that? If a restaurant served you such awful food that you demanded your money back, would you then continue to go there everyday for every meal? I would think not. And that is why those types of criticisms ring completely hollow. If you don't like the product that Gizmo provides, or the manner in which he provides it, the solution is simple. Take your precious 10 dollars and leave. Just go. Don't bitch. Don't whine. Just go elsewhere, or spend your time in other ways. It's not complicated or difficult. But I venture to bet that you won't, and neither will all the others. The game is what it is. This is not Rockstar or some other AAA gaming company. There will be glitches, there will be problems, there will be irritations. It's a matter of managing your expectations. If you view it for what it is, instead of what you wish it was, you'll be a lot less disappointed. And for those that say, "well such and such other adult game does not have these problems" well cool then, go play them instead of 3dx. But again, I bet you won't, and neither will most of the others. As for me, when it's down I find other things to do or talk to my friends through other means. And honestly, if you check the uptime history on ColinDude's server status webpage, the game is not down nearly as much as people make it out to be. When it is, it's just not that big of a deal to me because I choose for it not to be. Attitude is a choice, not a constraint. Getting this worked up over a game being down once in a while is not a good way to walk through life. Anyways, I don't come here for drama any more than I go on the game for it. It's all just my opinion, so feel free to bitch and moan about the game if it makes you feel better. I've said my piece on the topic and will leave it at that.
  9. Yes! That's the right idea! *starts a slow clap that builds into a rousing applause*
  10. 1. The game being down sucks, I get it. 2. The game is not "dying." I literally know of 1 out of about 30 longterm friends that have quit. I see tons of new players on the game daily still. 3. The game being down sucks, I get it. 4. Most of the people threatening to quit were saying the same thing months ago and are still here. My guess is they will still be here 3 months from now still threatening to quit, but not actually doing it. 5. The game being down sucks, I get it. 6. You have good friends you like talking with on 3dx. I do too. When the game is down, talk to them on discord. Not the end of the world. 7. The game being down sucks, I get it. 8. There are many awesome things to do in life other than smash pixel pussy. Check them out when the game is down. 9. The game being down sucks, I get it. 10. If your world comes to an unbearable hault because a sex game is down for a bit, it's time to re-evaluate your life's direction and priorities. 11. The game being down sucks, I get it. 12. "such and such game is way better / 3dx sucks!" Bullshit. If you believed that you'd be there playing instead. And if you were, you'd find something to bitch and moan about there as well most likely. 13. The game being down sucks, I get it. 14. "3dx is such a mess / the devs are incompetent!" I've played many of the other adult games out there. They all have bugs. They all have things that irritate you sometimes. They all are not moderated that well. The reason being is that major game companies will not touch or develop games centered around sexuality. It's a marketing decision. In reality, these types of games are all "home-brewed" to some extent by folks who are simply not AAA game level developers. Be happy they at least try because otherwise you'd have absolutely zero games like this to play of any kind. If you expect games like 3dx to run and operate like AAA games you play on platforms such as Steam or Epic, you are just being unrealistic and setting yourself up for disappointment. 15. The game being down sucks, I get it. 16. "I signed up for 22 years of pre-paid service!" Sorry, but that's just dumb. Unless it's a home mortgage, you really shouldn't be committing your money to anything that far in advance. What you like today you might not care about 6 months from now, or maybe the game goes under and you lose out. Month to month is the way to go on things like this. 17. The game being down sucks, I get it. 18. "But I'm hornyyyyyyyyy!" Who cares. Take 5 minutes and rub one out and life will go on. 19. The game being down sucks, I get it. 20. "I paid money I want the service I paid for!" Legitimate complaint. Sometimes life isn't fair though. Once upon a time I paid 8k for an engagement ring. The marriage ended in divorce a few years later. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh well! Anyways if you're going month to month as you should be, the worst you'd ever be out is.......10 bucks. Yeah. 10 bucks. Not the end of the world tbh. 21. The game being down sucks, I get it. 22. ColinDude is a s SAINT for giving us that website to check the server status. THANK YOU, SIR! The game being down sucks, I get it. I really do. It's frustrating, I wish it didn't happen, but when it does I find other things to do to fill my time. If it reaches the point I can't tolerate it, I'll move on. As of now, I can live with it. I wish the devs were more transparent, I wish the server was more stable(I'm not going to speculate why it is not, that just seems kind of like an exercise in futility), and I wish I was on 3dx right now(have lost potential friends I hadn't added yet, have lost out on time with game gf/wifey, most recently lost a pretty damn cool Principal / Brat Student character rp). So I get why people are irritated. But honestly, the majority(not all) of the people who complain about it here.......ya'll come off like my 5 year old niece when she gets told she has to stop playing Barbies and take a bath or get ready for bed. Not a good look. Be irritated. Voice legitimate frustrations and complaints. Hell, even vent, it's fine. But try to keep some perspective about it and do so in a manner that doesn't come off sounding like a juvenile adolescent who's been told no cookies before dinner. Just my two cents, stay cool peeps.
  11. Their latency on the server is spiking for some dumbass reason. In the future if that happens, check this site: https://3dxchat-status.com Dont worry, its not a problem on your end. It's happening to everyone right now.
  12. Exactly, if my non-tech ass can do it on a home-brewed Ark server Im pretty sure they could too. At least I'd hope so....
  13. So on every other game server under the sun I've ever played on, when they do a scheduled or manual reboot of the server they configure a warning message that shows to online players 5-10 minutes before it actually shuts down so online players know it's coming and don't lose the work or whatever they were doing. We can't get that? Really? I have zero server training but do run a server for ARK from my home and even I figured out how to give people a head's up warning that a shutdown and restart is coming. I also tell them in the server discord rules what times to expect said scheduled reboot. I've kept my mouth shut and been patient through allllllllll the DDoS stuff and various "oopsies sorry players" stuff, but this is getting ri-god-damn-diculous. I love the game and what they've accomplished as a small operation, but there HAS to be better communication between site ownership and players. Really frustrating.
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