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  1. Surprised that a sarcastic remark on this topic, meant without real intention to trigger nor offend, almost got me cancelled. Anyways, what a good sum up this reply was, [ Thank you @Anaganda for summing up what I couldnt explain correctly). Yes women tend to have more clothing than guys, I can testify with my 6 shirts, 6 pants, and 3 pairs of shoes. I'll work on gathering guys' opinion on what male clothing they would like to wear, and I will compile it once I get enough impressions. A woman's touch will also be required as we wouldn't dress up 100% only for us, but also for the eyes of our spouses, lovers, friends. I think I'll proceed by just having 2 different polls, one intended for woman, and the other for guys where each will input/vote for what man clothes they would like us to have/be seen in.
  2. Funny how they prefer to add Tails but refuse to add male clothing to the same level as Women do.
  3. Maybe they are trying to push males away and have a game based on Futas and Females? Like building a man hating utopy. Lets hope not haha.
  4. Yes, since a few updates now, I've noticed that male content is starting to be left out. And it seems highly unprofessional of them to prioritize females first or males first, they should develop it equally, maybe Devs have something against males or just dont think male Avis deserve new content, but lets wait for their "big Cloth Update" before going any further. Then we'll be able to confirm what their direction they are taking.
  5. First of all, welcome readers, please leave your opinion in the comment section. This post is addressed to the people who get dont just log on, cum and log off. I know this was at first a sex game, but I think I dont speak only for myself when I say that with the ongoing pandemic, it went way past than that. It became closer to a stage for all the DJs who had no physical sets for over a year, it allowed them to still exercise their passion. I can think of many musical events that happened on 3dx ( WB's Berlin, VS' Climax, the Havasu EDM festival, the Elevate Festival). It also became a place where some people express their creativity while building, to cite some @Anaganda AlanaCyber @HeatherK@KiraSuicide,(and all of those who take time in building instead of placing a row of beds and watching all the "CumAndGo"ers that we see around those maps). Some have also found relationships here, yeah some call them unorthodox or jokes, but some also really care. There's more to a couple's life than sex. Now there's a few poses that are for 2/3 people that dont revolve around sex, but I think some vital stuff is still missing (hand holding while walking or something that allows you to guide someone walking with you, piggyback rides, kissing against the wall, closer spooning in bed, sitting on each other's lap). I'll probably get flamed for this suggestion because "tHiS iS a SeX gAmE" as some would blurt out, but I feel this would be a good addition to the game. Thank you for reading. -Food
  6. Seeing the last update few updates, and in particular the last one who featured a big Nothing for males, I'm here once again asking to the devs to add Diversity to male's closet, it shines so so so so pale in comparison to the female Avatar's closet. There's such a difference that it's beginning to be boring to try and dress up with such little damn options. I know the female closet isnt the best either, but anyone who explored the male options. It looks like a stereotype of a guy: 3 boxers, 3 pants, 3 shirts (I know its a bit hyperbolic but you get the idea). I would love to provide help with creating and designing clothes just for the sake of having actual diversity. Lets hope the "big cloth update" makes this post irrelevant. -Food
  7. Hell, they're adding damn tails, while our closet still lacks actual diversity.
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