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  1. Lets leave the overcompensate factor to other games please? xD
  2. LoL I remeber it, was removed when they updated to the new game engine. I even have old screenshots taken with that mode on my old pc XD THIS
  3. We had it I have been playing this game for 6 years now
  4. That is the camera zoom, DOF is an effect that blurs the background of the subject taken by the camera creating a sense of depth. We had this feature but was removed
  5. Seriously, why did they even take it down? Would be great to have that depth of field slider back to take cool pictures with bokeh effect and such.
  6. Quick reminder that we still have cumshot clipping through female bodies instead of creampies... My hopes are not high.
  7. Dunno... I would be already happy enough with my cock not being hard 24/7 ...
  8. I know XD Was just to show no one of the actual socks is matching them.
  9. Yes please! Make the giggly tits slider in the character editor so each one can have its own giggle intensity, cause I am all for make my small tiddies not giggle almost at all since they are smol and not having them slap my face, thanks.
  10. Make third intersex gender or allow men to have swappable pussy as girls can wear dicks whenever they wish
  11. I mean... should not be too hard to implement... just want to be incognito.
  12. I would also add folders to categorize rooms: Party, RP, Music ans Chill, Sex and Colds
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