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  1. I mean... should not be too hard to implement... just want to be incognito. 🕵️‍♂️
  2. I would also add folders to categorize rooms: Party, RP, Music ans Chill, Sex and Colds
  3. To be honest I hope they realized that making piercing as stickers over the skin was a bad idea and that they will fully 3D model them in future.
  4. Funny enough, Monopoly is taken by any book of gmae design as an example of bad game design for its runaway leader problem ( a lucky player overpowering the others easily and quick)
  5. Again, my opinion is that direct gold transfer (since is basically real money) would ony cause a huge spiral of corruption and greed, we will see players just using one of their avi as fucktoy to collect gold they could spend on other people's fucktoy avis... just like what happened to AChat for example and now on there you will not see more than 200 people online at best. A dead game. Why not work on an escort mechanic instead that could prevent this, lets analyse the situation, from what I see escort like to accumulate gifts. Why not implementing an option to add in the profile an Escort
  6. Trust me, having players being able to transfer/send gold between them will be the end of this game as it was on other adult games. I agree with the rest tho.
  7. Then make swappable pussy for boys too to make it fair, "cuntboys" are a thing too True, but the rework would be worth it cuse would create automatically separate pose menus, also having a different color name in profile (purple for example) for intersex avatars would make it easier and avoid awkward situations like "Sorry, may I ask you if you have a dong or not?" xD
  8. Intersex/Transgender/Futa (girls with dick ing eneral) should have a whole separate gender in the game in first place, change my mind.
  9. LoL I agree. Achat is basically dead since is expensive AF with poor graphic quality and the community is only sex oriented without actually a minimum of social side; try to organize a party with DJ set in AChat if you can. Plus, the in game currency transactions difinely killed the game, turning it into a place for dudes that play as hookers to just ask real money for low quality pixel sex, money that will then be transferred to their male avatar account so that they can spend them on other dudes playing as hookers... is just a bunch of dudes fapping each other with real money. Chathous
  10. I tried many adult games, 3DxChat is the best game not only visually, but also community wise. I am quite safe to say that You won't find a more involving and friendly community. This is a weird case of an adult game that slowly turned in a mainly social oriented. Edit: PS: also looking at the subscription prices of other adult games, this has also the best value.
  11. Yes please! As builder is so annoying to do the exit - reenter gymnic just tog et a couch pose fit properly to the couch you just modelled. >.<
  12. I just think all profile should have access to something like 10 photoslots by default, to be honest. Profile gallery and editing is fundamental in a social game like this one. Maybe in future would be also cool to see pics organized in photoalbums. I agree a profile should have a maximum number of photoslots, but I never understood the meaning of paying for photoslots.
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