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  1. no offense Gizmo... but i think there are way way more importen stuff that should be added. before patreon intergration... like cmon.. like we been asking for a room kick option for ages.... an one of the main reason i havent botherd to open any of my room seem like a strange thing to add.. tbh
  2. your free to stop playing if you don't like people expressing themselves.
  3. the thing about DdoS attacks is.. there is no real defence agienst them. even billion doller company's. sevices sometimes goes under from such attacks. company's like Sony an microsoft. or giant game company's like EA or Activision-blizzard. witch have alort of experience trying to defend agienst thise attacks. yes even thise gets effected sometimes. so people really should chill out. an stop attacking the devs i am sure they are verry stressed curently
  4. found the post where they changed it.. i tought it whas recently. but looks like it whas allready back in november 2018
  5. i feel like your being Obtuse on purpese now... 3dx chat changed it not so long ago so that you could cancel your sup directly trough there members area. so i... an every person. should, expect when they then go an cancel the sup there. it should be proberly cancelled... not to mention my sup is then changed to be not active anymore.
  6. did you even read all of the orignal post ? an ofcouse i cancelled at BMT Micro i made sure to check there too as soon as i got the email.. (EDIT. i whent an cancelled it there propberly immediately) but that aint the problem here. i got billed for something that should have been cancelled. an as i stated. i am not even sure i even got game time added. (i can't remember how much i had left before this)
  7. an thats going to help me how? when i cancel my sup on the 3dx webside. it sayes my sup IS CANCELLED! then any person whould expect it to be so...
  8. an that aint stated anywhere on the 3dx site.... i expect when i hit cancel sup. on the 3dx site. my actual sup is cancelled...
  9. @Gizmo @Lisa i just got billed from BMT Micro. (the payments sevice 3dx uses) even tough i had my sup cancelled on 3dx's webside. trough the members area. an i am not sure it even added new game time. i whould encourage everyone to go check there subscription. if you have it cancelled. go check it directly at BMT Micro. an make sure. it is actualy cancelled. you can check it here -->https://customers.bmtmicro.com you use your email that you used for 3dx. the password. can befound in the lates email order reciept. if you have not allready set one. i have contacted suport at both 3dx an BMT Micro.
  10. Under no circumstances. Should the game even be reading private messages. (IMO) the fact that it seems to be doing so is shady as fuck. People should be able to discuss, what ever they whant in private chat. Be it other services or games. The devs really need to be untop of this ASAP! An come out an explain, what is going on.. I can understand if people get banned, for spammnig WC. But mentioning other games.? thats rather pathetic. No other game company does this. NONE!
  11. an then people are going to complain. that they have to go trough each room to find one whit people in it... i can almost guarantee this will happen. i don't know what the solution is to this really.. one thing is for sure. if i see someone an there friends spamming world chat whit room ads. i just put them on ignor. really tells alort about thise people. an they are not someone i whould whant to interact whit.
  12. first off... if you had botherd to spend more then 10 seconds looking on the forum. you whould have seen the numerous, other post asking for more clothers -.- its getting really annoying to see people starting new treads, that we allready have hundreds off. an yes we need more clothes... an no we don't need a clothing market. i allready pay a montly subscription.
  13. yeah just tried it out... its seriously annoying. please change it back to what it whas before. thank you~
  14. lovely update! lots of new poses! but whit all thise new poses. i whould like to see in the next update. a small update to the pose select menu. its starting to get a bit crowded! (thats a really good thing ♥️) could you maybe, put the poses into some sub catagorys. as in- Face to Face. an -From behind. this way it whould be a bit easyer to navigate all the new lovely poses :3 an agien thank you for the update~
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