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  1. I've got the same issue with Kaspersky Internet Security & Windows defender....i'm not uninstalling my virus protection program to play a game. The solution cannot be to tell people to uninstall or disable their virus protection. 3DX needs to do something to make their game & sites safe. Even if it's a false positive, there is still something at 3DX is triggering it. 3DX needs to fix it. Telling people that the solution is to disable your virus protection is like telling people that the way to get around catching HIV is to take off the condom and pretend like you didn't know your partner has HIV....Great idea?!...WTF...So no i do not accept disabling my virus protection or working around it as an acceptable solution. 3DX needs to fix this.
  2. Yes I agree this is an issue. Even though we are only in a test server, things still cost money. Moving your room to the top of the list still costs money. Adding new pictures to your profile also still costs money. Sending gifts to friends still costs money. Buying a beer in-game still costs money. Yet we have no income to pay for it. Eventually my saved XGold will run dry. Also referrals are not producing XGold either. The devs need to provide a solution for this. Here are some options 1. make it all free in the test server. rooms may be bumped up to the top of the list free based on room size and time limit 2. give us XGold to work with in the test server We should definitely be reimbursed XGold for the daily logins rewards lost during this testing phase when it is all over.
  3. I didn't receive a referral bonus for my referral I still haven't received a game time compensation
  4. I'm building up a surplus of seed while i'm waiting....oooo you girls are going to get it bad when the game is back
  5. Hi All, I've added the first section of the new Sports Complex, a sex compatible Tennis Court! I've also gave the Star Pool & Waterfall a new look. There is still more to come. Visit to discover these erotic wonders.
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