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  1. I've got the same issue with Kaspersky Internet Security & Windows defender....i'm not uninstalling my virus protection program to play a game. The solution cannot be to tell people to uninstall or disable their virus protection. 3DX needs to do something to make their game & sites safe. Even if it's a false positive, there is still something at 3DX is triggering it. 3DX needs to fix it. Telling people that the solution is to disable your virus protection is like telling people that the way to get around catching HIV is to take off the condom and pretend like you didn't know your partner has HIV....Great idea?!...WTF...So no i do not accept disabling my virus protection or working around it as an acceptable solution. 3DX needs to fix this.
  2. Yes I agree this is an issue. Even though we are only in a test server, things still cost money. Moving your room to the top of the list still costs money. Adding new pictures to your profile also still costs money. Sending gifts to friends still costs money. Buying a beer in-game still costs money. Yet we have no income to pay for it. Eventually my saved XGold will run dry. Also referrals are not producing XGold either. The devs need to provide a solution for this. Here are some options 1. make it all free in the test server. rooms may be bumped up to the top of the list free based on room size and time limit 2. give us XGold to work with in the test server We should definitely be reimbursed XGold for the daily logins rewards lost during this testing phase when it is all over.
  3. I didn't receive a referral bonus for my referral I still haven't received a game time compensation
  4. I'm building up a surplus of seed while i'm waiting....oooo you girls are going to get it bad when the game is back
  5. Hi All, I've added the first section of the new Sports Complex, a sex compatible Tennis Court! I've also gave the Star Pool & Waterfall a new look. There is still more to come. Visit to discover these erotic wonders.
  6. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's cold shower by joining in. Or keep it discreet and visit the Glory Holes. You can do it all at Overfiend's Orgy Resort. Overfiend’s Orgy World Map At the center of it all is the Main Orgy Resort. It includes a dance floor, Stripper poles, BDSM cages, Glory holes, Sauna Showers Reception Desk Bathroom toliet Beds, 3some & 4 some compatible couches Sex tables Stools Orgy rug in the center to watch the orgy or be the center of attention. Glass Roof top access - Fuck on top of the world for everyone to watch. Flanking the island is the exotic & slutty lust woods for hide & fuck games. Custom sex compatible objects designed with natural materials Custom orgy tables Plenty of natural vegetation & obstacles to hide behind Small enough to find a mate, but dense enough to hide in plain sight Aerial view of the island depicts the body of her curvy heart shaped ass, tight waist and voluptuous breasts. Mother Nature is beautiful!!! Adjacent to the woods is the romantic Heart Island. a romantic Gazebo under the heavens tables for dining glorious ocean side views The Wet & Wild side contains a beach speed boat, floating hearts seats The sexy star pool The default pool Sex Olympics Colosseum (Still under construction) a sex compatible Tennis Court (New addition) Cheetah Race course (New addition) Billiards room (Newly addition) Areas under construction: Opposite the beach on the top side is another surprise still under construction Music selection: Private Naughty Stream with a mix of RnB, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock from Marvin Gaye, Lil’ Kim, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more True RnB – a RnB 3DX station Energy 93 – a party style 3DX station Jammin – a Caribbean party style 3DX station Breeze – a smooth jazz 3DX station Custom Objects: 3some & 4some compatible couches Orgy Hexagon table with stripper pole Orgy star table with pools sex & bed center Standing Sex Heart Stones Log pile couch sex Wood carved bed & couch sex Stay tuned for future updates: Romantic Gazebo - Completed Sports facilities - under construction Naughty uninhabited ocean islands for aerial viewing pleasure or private encounters General beautification maintenance Upcoming events: Hide & Seek sex games in the Slutty Woods Best Body contest Best Booty contest Best Tits contest Sex Race Olympics Hours of operation: During quarantine open 7am-6pm est time
  7. FYI, i started a new thread for "Room Ad Solutions" Feel free to visit and share your thoughts.
  8. Hi All, There are so many brilliant & experienced people on the forum that I'm sure this has been discussed many times before. I'm looking forward to your participation in this discussion. With the "Spam" ban that swept game recently and the perpetual room "monopoly", it seems like this thread would be helpful. The aim of this thread is to discuss solutions to room advertising. Problems: 1. repetitive advertising on the world chat 2. 300X coins paid to get to the top of the room list lastly very briefly before someone else bumps up. This can be very expensive to stay at the top of this list 3. a few rooms are open 24hrs/day and attracting alot of users keeping them at that top of this list. This makes it tough for other rooms to attract visitors. Solutions: 1. A separate "Room" chat similar to the World & Local chat features When a user selects to share the room "For All", another text box opens specifically for that room's advertisement. Users can enter their room advertisement in that box. There should also be check box to "Advertise" or "Do not advertise". Once the "Advertise" box is selected then the room ad will be included in an automatic feed of scrolling text for room ads in the separate "Room" chat. A "Room" chat menu will be added next to the World & Local chats. It will display the automatic feed of room ads A rule should be applied that as long as the room contains less than 30 people then it will be included to the "Room" chat feed. Rooms of greater than 30 people are already benefiting from being at the top of the "Locations" list. Therefore they do not need to be in the "Room" feed The aim is to give all rooms that are not already full, a fair method to advertise their room without "spamming" the world chat I know similar ideas have been shared about this in other threads. But feel free to discuss it more in depth here. Other ideas have been promoting your room in the Forum and other social media platforms. I believe those are good ideas as well. Hopefully we could find additional in-game solutions to assist. Thanks for your feedback Overfiend
  9. Thank you for your response. Just to be clear, what is the definition of Spam? In a general sense, I understand spam to be repetitive & unnecessary. In this case, i didn't abuse the World Chat. Also the 300 gold function will make me broke. That lasts for only a few minutes before someone else bumps up. So it's not a permanent to the solution. Users need another alternative to promote there rooms when only a few rooms are hoarding players. It's sad to say but i hope you are right and it's just an auto ban error. If not, then the devs need to evaluate this policy and new solutions to offer room users a way to promote their room in this room monopoly
  10. I was blocked (without notice) for my room ad in the World Chat but i didn't have anyone in my room. How else was i supposed to advertise that my room was open? I didn't even post that many times. I think it's only fair that if my room was empty (except) me to post an offer to welcome people to my room. Please unblock my account. I don't think my room ad qualified as spam in this instance.
  11. Thank you Stellania this was very helpful Thanks for the other recommendations as well. All of you have been helpful Derai, danididit, NickyLove and Mulan
  12. I hope we still get credit for the Consistent Login Bonus that we receive. I don't want to start from scratch again if it's a system wide issue and it's not my fault.
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