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  1. It must be coming soon! I can almost feel it!
  2. It means that most likely this idea will be swept under the carpet just like others...
  3. I have a 100/100M fiber connection and relatively capable pc (RTX2070, i7 6700k, 32G ram) and I've never experienced DC issues in 3dxchat. IMO, you should never use wireless connections for gaming. There's always more latency with wireless connections. Latency creates problems for servers and also to other players you are playing with. If you want to know how "good" your connection is try pinging google dns server ( for example. Open cmd and type "ping -t" (without quote marks...). This command is a continous ping ("-t" in the end) and you need to stop it by pres
  4. Do you actually believe in this? Based on the activity here it's not gonna take long until this forum will be abandoned too. Just few bots may be left to post pictures in the off topic section.
  5. I hope it will happen soon!
  6. Has there ever been any kind of moderation here on the forums?
  7. According to stock market there are a lot of people who buy these over priced products just because of the brands. It's always a good idea to try to look for a cheaper option if it meets the requirements. If people would buy the same product from someone else, you should ask yourself "what's wrong with my product". If you would use high quality and sustainable materials in addition to other high quality standards, people would probably buy your product instead of something that has been made from crappy materials for example. That would create healthy competition and force people to put effort
  8. It would definitely be interesting to experience a world without copyright laws. Only the purest form of capitalism. Everyone would have equal opportunity to make their salary with whatever product exists in the world. In some cases I really can't agree with copyright laws. Take a generic fashion brand for example. They can push the prices to the atmosphere and beyond only with their brand name and logo and what do you really get? A cloth made in a sweat shop by the poorest people on earth... In most cases the product is not even made from the most high quality materials. This is possible
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