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  1. Is the rape room still there? There was supposed to be a filter to prevent using names like that...
  2. I don't know but seems like Lisa can speak fluent russian...
  3. Looks like there's always couple persons defending the developers immediately after critique... Also why Lovense is not promoting their co-op with 3dxchat in anyway on their website? You need to specifically search for stuff related to 3Dxchat to find anything about it. At this point I'm starting to believe this is somekind of a russian gru intelligence program... Look at this: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41969001.amp Can you explain? @Lovense Community Are we subject to this kind of bull shittery? The revenue of lovense is multiple millions. Why would they want to team up with 3DXchat? What's the value for them? If this message gets deleted or I get banned, you'll know the truth!
  4. There is more faith in this message than in a babtism ceremony...
  5. Raping and slavery are also illegal yet we still have rooms promoting such things in here...
  6. Yeah... Time for me to ditch this pigsty... Not gonna resub anymore...
  7. Oh, yeah now I understand... Also count MMF and FFM... I hope they at least made changes to the sex control slider in the game...
  8. On the lovense webpage it reads that there is over 500 sex positions in 3DXChat!
  9. From the Mixamo Faq: "You can use both characters and animations royalty free for personal, commercial, and non-profit projects including: Incorporating characters into illustrations and graphic art 3D printing characters Creating films Creating video games" As far as I have understood you can freely use their material embedded in commercial projects but you can't resell their animations or characters as separate products.
  10. Good, then you have no problem. Looks like only some accounts are affected by this.
  11. How does one end subscription if there is no way to log in to their account? Sounds like a pretty major issue to me!
  12. There is also a chance that the next update will blow our minds and will change the game forever!
  13. I was thinking more like common information about maintenance if the jobs are related to security, performance or testing new features... I didn't mean detailed info about their DDOS protection...
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