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  1. Oh, yeah now I understand... Also count MMF and FFM... I hope they at least made changes to the sex control slider in the game...
  2. On the lovense webpage it reads that there is over 500 sex positions in 3DXChat!
  3. From the Mixamo Faq: "You can use both characters and animations royalty free for personal, commercial, and non-profit projects including: Incorporating characters into illustrations and graphic art 3D printing characters Creating films Creating video games" As far as I have understood you can freely use their material embedded in commercial projects but you can't resell their animations or characters as separate products.
  4. Good, then you have no problem. Looks like only some accounts are affected by this.
  5. How does one end subscription if there is no way to log in to their account? Sounds like a pretty major issue to me!
  6. There is also a chance that the next update will blow our minds and will change the game forever!
  7. I was thinking more like common information about maintenance if the jobs are related to security, performance or testing new features... I didn't mean detailed info about their DDOS protection...
  8. Yes, it could be anything server or os related. We can keep guessing but I'd still like to hear it from the devs. I'd like to know why is it more important to update the servers and not so important to provide content.
  9. It would make me happier if they'd even tell what are server maintenances for. Like, why does the server require so much maintenance?
  10. I don't think many players even wanted an update like that so not a big loss for us and maybe the devs can now focus on the content that has been brought up in surveys. Or maybe we'll just get another cage pose.
  11. I would accept your poses any day! Thank you for your great job so far!
  12. 5 months without new content though...
  13. Don't hold your breath. They almost never give any info about what's going on...
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