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  1. We don't need more players, we need a new game with new devs. I keep wondering how no-one else is not already doing it.
  2. This is good idea. More control over color and size! I had an idea about differently shaped abs that we could add to our characters after they've had a good workout.
  3. @Aliviax Is that body model the same which is used in 3dxchat? Where could I find one if I'd like to give it a try? I have some experience in 3D modeling but I have never created clothes. It looks like something that I could learn though!
  4. So there is the speed controller for sex but I think a depth controller would add even more to the experience. Also the sliders could be vertical instead of horizontal. It would easier to control.
  5. Freckles as option for all faces?
  6. It would be nice to give the character some tan lines after a long day of sun bathing! What do you think? Bikini tan lines and swim suit tan lines for ladies and something for men too. I believe this would not need much work to make either.
  7. Oh, wow! Those tiny lights are so beautiful. Good job!
  8. Is this pose editor even real thing? So far I've read only one proper reply from an admin about it and he didn't seem to like the idea. I can totally understand how it would be difficult to implement the user created poses and trying to have some sort of quality control over them.
  9. Well that's sad to hear... Looks like there is alot of potential in this community but developers can't provide enough content for users to make the community thrive and grow. Maybe they could recruit some developers from within the community? The platform in this game makes it so easy to create content that I keep wondering why is it not getting implemented more.
  10. Is there any kind of road map for development that could be published? I have just joined and I really like the platform but I'm concerned about the updates and dev process. I don't know if I"ll be staying for long if the development process doesn't follow the requests of users/players...
  11. Is any of these suggestions or user created content getting implemented? I have seen alot of great clothes and 3D models on the forums but so far the selection in game is very poor.
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