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  1. I'm pretty sure this has been suggested time and time again over the years. Personally, I don't see what the issue is about having this feature in-game. If prostitution is, in fact, the argument here, just think it's been an ever-present thing since the dawn of 3DX. The only difference is that gifts are the currency instead of XGold.
  2. I think the words you're looking for are "popular" and "cool".
  3. Really? What's the point of that, I wonder? For you to show off how great you are based on ratings? Besides, what would make them legit, anyway? You could easily get some friends and all of you could give a negative score to someone you hate. Or you could get all your friends to give you a positive score, working out in your favor. It could all be manipulated to serve some purpose or another. Not to mention people already rate others based on their experiences sometimes, anyway. The difference is, they keep it to themselves... usually. And what's the point of these "no low-rated people allowed" rooms? If you don't want someone in your room, you can simply block them. Why go to such lengths just to prevent certain people to access a certain place, when it's all within a click's reach?
  4. Try deleting the following registry key: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SexGameDevil\3DXChat". If I remember correctly, 3DX hasn't got an actual settings file.
  5. I just read your story here, and I hate to bring it up weeks after you've posted it, but let me you: this happens a lot more than most people think. I've been here nearly 4 years now and I've heard countless stories from friends in similar scenarios. It sucks and it's fucked up, but hey, plenty more people to meet and so on. This actually reminds me of an episode I've had with this woman. We met, she was new, had some guy already, then he joins and comes up to us. After a short while, they would either leave to their private room or make up some excuse. I was like, "Okay, we'll talk some other time. Have fun". This happened a couple more times or so and I told her to PM me whenever she had some free time, thinking that maybe she was doing it on purpose (to this day I could never confirm that). But, anyway, no big deal. They wanted to be together, so I understand. No excuses needed. After a few days, she PMed me saying she was free and that we could hang out or whatever. I was with a friend already, so, naturally, I told her I was busy at the moment. She seemed all right with it and said we could meet up some other day. "Cool, we'll do that!", I replied. Days later, she PMed me and yep, you can already guess, I was with a friend. This woman went nuts and started bombarding me with PMs (all Caps, by the way), saying I was doing this out of revenge and to make her jealous. I told her that wasn't the case, and it just so happened I was with someone (which was true) whenever she decided to have some free time for me and that I couldn't guess when that would be. The end result: she blocked me because she was pissed at me for not giving her some of my time when her partner wasn't around for her. I just thought she had a lot of nerve for being mad at me when I didn't say a word when she's done the very same thing in order to be with this guy. To make things even worse, I was later told that I wasn't the only person she's done this to. 2020 was definitely the highlight of my journey in 3DX perhaps due to the lockdown, but in that time period I've met quite a lot of... interesting characters, to say the least. I could tell you many, many stories, but that would take all day, and I'm quite certain that I would only be scraping the surface.
  6. Yep, I can totally relate. Last time that happened, I ended up talking about DCS World and flight simulators with this girl (bear in mind that you won't find many female players who enjoy flight sims). That certainly was an interesting way of breaking the ice.
  7. I'll have to test that later, but as far as I'm aware, they should be working.
  8. Yes, but what I really meant to say was, because anal is still considered taboo in some cultures and still technically illegal in some states in the US, some women won't admit they like it, so they just prefer to say they don't.
  9. You'll have to be a bit more specific. Which wall poses are you talking about? Single or couple? I'm asking this because I've tried, but I can't replicate the problem.
  10. Same sex or not, avatars can only marry one other avatar at a time. This means avatar A would have to get divorced from C in order to marry D, but D would also have to get divorced from B.
  11. Or... maybe these 9 do like it, but won't admit it.
  12. I was actually thinking about naming a room that I've been building for about 2 years now "The Never Ever Club", but I've been on and off 3DX, so, who knows when I'm actually going to finish it... It's been too long, I'm afraid. But yes, keep up the good work.
  13. That's a nice-looking room you've got there, EvaMarie. Great atmosphere at night, dawn... hell, any time of the day. Keep it up. Just out of sheer curiosity, how far are you from finishing it?
  14. This is old news. Unless the devs do something about it, then it's never going to change. The reason is people have this sense of impunity due to being behind a computer screen and often confuse free speech with abuse. Just because you're free to say whatever you want, it doesn't mean you're free from the consequences. The best solution is: ignore WC altogether, plain and simple.
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