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  1. Keep bashing the "My Profile" button. It'll come up after a few times.
  2. I agree 100%, but no one's at war, or at least I'm not. I don't hate the guy at all, I just pity him. I'm used to these loudmouths since the dawn of the Internet, so his attacks are easily deflected. I've dealt with a lot, lot worse, so the only thing he can do is make me laugh at how hard he tries to formulate a delusional story, then barfs it on a wall of text.
  3. He won't do anything. He'll throw the usual generic and boring "I could destroy you all, but won't because it's not worth my time" excuse. He keeps contradicting himself too, so his credibility is so far past the line, that the line is a dot to him.
  4. Cool story, brah. Just like the one where you fantasize about attracting millions of people to 3DX because of some crappy videos.
  5. I wouldn't be worried. Feeble threats from someone acting out of rage (all because he ran out of Ritalin, it seems) happens all over. He's as harmless as a baby. I've seen this so many times, and it's always the same. It fades away and will be forgotten.
  6. And he keeps coming back for more. Here, brah... We'll throw you a bone now and then, since you're the forum lurker. Don't forget to stock up on Ritalin, you seem to be going cold turkey right now.
  7. Don't we all know it. He keeps saying this community is this and that, when he does EXACTLY the same over and over and now claims he can do worse than a DDoS attack. Yeah, we're all trembling in fear because of what he can do from behind a screen while locked up and shackled in his basement. And I knew he was going to read what I posted, so he's as predictable as he claims others to be.
  8. 🀣 This guy... You keep saying that, and yet, you're still lurking on these forums, spitting out the same script over and over. You've been banned, and you know exactly why. Once banned with one account, all the others will eventually be also swept away. What, were you under the illusion by creating a new one, that you would start anew with a clean record? As predictable as you were, you did read and replied/edited your previous post, so that's rich. Shoo now, mosey on.
  9. What else would you expect from someone with delusions of grandeur, the one who was banned for... "no reason"? πŸ˜„ There's always one, they come and go. It never changes, it's history repeating itself over and over again.
  10. That's it, folks. Tune in next week for more.
  11. Dude, I know, I read it wrong, I was just about to edit my previous post. My bad. Also, rule 2.04 (in-game rules) is being broken as well.
  12. Except they're not. Like I've said before, and if that's what your comment is about, there's exceptions to free speech.
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