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  1. You're absolutely right, but I think WC alone doesn't define the 3DX experience in any way, shape or form. Far from it, in fact. Your best option is to ignore it, turn off the visible notifications and sound for WC, and you're all set. Everyone knows trolls and toxic people are there (not only, there are decent people, too) just to come up with some trivial debate, then start insulting each other instead of adressing the topic, which is pointless, pathetic, and a waste of time. That's why I rarely even read WC, let alone use it.
  2. Let's wait and watch the haters say, "Oh, that explains a lot, then. It's not a US server... Figures..." πŸ˜‚
  3. That's totally feasible. For example, they could use a pose where you're leaning or bending over and turn it into that same exact pose when someone interacts with you. A toggle option wouldn't be hard either.
  4. Yeah, you might as well, buddy. Not only have you displayed your non-existant whiteknight skills, but fell off your high horse while doing so too. So okay, if it's so boring and pointless, why come in here and reply even? Even more pointless is talking to you, who's clearly blind, but... okay, keep walking with that cane. About the gifts, if you found them so funny, like you said, then you should have had a laugh or two, be done with all that and move on, instead of coming here and make a fool of yourself. I don't even know why you or someone would check them, anyway, for you to be accusing me of doing exactly that afterwards. Pathetic. And one more thing: you said you've gone to my profile here to ignore me (twice now), but you know you didn't actually have to go into it to do so, right? And I'm the idiot... Sure, ace. Enjoy your stupid prize.
  5. And here he is again, LOL. I know exactly what I'm talking about, and so do you, so no use in denying. About who told me, that's for me to know and you to find out, if you want. Clue: Some people just talk too much, so look around and find out who. I've never met your ex or talked to her ever, even though she brought my name up somehow. Another weirdo to add to the list, it seems. Again, you don't know all the info or even half, you keep proving that yourself with every post you create. And plus, we wouldn't be having this conversation/debate/whatever you wanna call it if you knew. This is need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know what doesn't concern you, period. Bottom line in all this, buddy, is: play stupid games, win stupid prizes. *drops mic*
  6. He sort of does have, or had a life. He ditched a girl in RL so he could have "freedom" in-game. And I'll leave it at that.
  7. Nah, dude. I don't really swing that way. 🀣
  8. I wouldn't know, but I was talking about even before all these DDoS attacks, within a two-year timeframe or so. I'm sure there were others before my time here.
  9. Yeah. Talon, for example, had tons of people reporting his racist and abusive comments for ages, and he still wasn't banned, not until a good while after, that is, so I'm not sure where the criteria falls here. He's one of the worst I've seen, but there were others. Not sure if they were banned or quit the game, but they're nowhere to be seen now.
  10. Well said! I'd rather have 10 solid good friends than 1000 fake ones or that are hard to keep in touch with. I mean, it's already hard as it is within a 100 or so friends.
  11. I kept bringing you into this?! Oh, wow, how self-centered are you, my man? Sure, and you knowing the gifts really shows who's checking whose profile indeed. Nice one! 🀣 Do you want a shovel so you could bury yourself even deeper? I never said I'm the victim, but rest assured, neither is she, no matter what bullshit she spoonfeeds you. And I don't give a damn what relationship you guys are on. What makes you think I really do? Do you think you're the only one? There's been more in the past, it's always the same MO, and they all say the same, so it checks out 100%. If you're smart enough, even you will see through all that bullshit yourself one day... maybe! But I don't really care, so keep thinking that me or anyone does, if that makes you sleep better at night. You shouldn't really waste your time with cowardly tactics and waste more time tending to her. We all know she's a special-needs person, so yes, get her some professional help before she does something stupid again.
  12. Well, obviously you wanted me to reply, otherwise, you would have manned up and talk to me one on one. And see, that right there about alts just proves you know nothing at all, so I rest my case, dude. Did she also tell you she was the one who kept blocking me and unblocking 5 or 6 times in a row so she could have the last word? That wasn't me, so, yeah... I'm definitely chasing her, all right, with you and her knowing about my gifts and all that. So, once again, and so it goes into your brain once and for all, this isn't about you believe or don't believe, it's about facts. Funny how you say people will eventually see through my bullshit, as some of her friends have seen through hers already. Have you ever thought that me and her could have friends in common? But no, her logical explanation is me creating alts. Yeah, buddy, talk about stereotypes, huh? That's really rich, coming from you. And no, not gonna call you names, unlike yourself, which resorts to them when lacking arguments. How very typical... Keep fighting the good fight, dude. Let me know how it turns out in a few months. πŸ˜‚
  13. What do you want me to say? Someone who hasn't got the guts to talk one on one usually does this kind of stuff. It's all right, I'm used to kids like these that think they know it all. No worries.
  14. LOL, and there you go, getting triggered already and resorting to insults. Typical... and predictable! Well, guess what, it's not only me saying all that stuff about her either (we can't all be wrong), and I'm sure they outnumber those who say otherwise with their biased opinions. So, wait... I was the one caught up in lies? Really?! Dude, you need a reality check and look yourself in the mirror, seriously. And it's funny when I talk shit when someone challenges me...? OMG, you call this challenging me? Hardly, I'm used to deal with whiteknights and lapdogs, so great, consider yourself a challenge, if you really want to, LMAO! The fact that you know about gifts making fun of whatever proves that it's her or someone else for her that's checking my gifts out, so... who's chasing who now? Yeah, that's a rich speech indeed, making myself look good and all, you say. Sure it is, buddy, sure it is. Like I've said, it's her word against hard evidence, so, as far as you're concerned, that's that. Like I said, she can say that was the reason we broke things off and whatever more she wants to, but... she knows the truth, plain and simple. She really thinks she's that important for me to go out of my way and chase her, huh? Wow, okay, dude. Whatever. πŸ˜† Go ahead and do something more creative, sunshine. You're wasting your time talking about stuff you have no idea, that I'm sure. Carry on.
  15. Stereotypes, huh? Whatever you say, boyo. And when did I ever say she cares or not about what I said to other people? That's completely irrelevant, even you must know that, right? Nah, mate, I've dodged a bullet there. No, no... I've dodged a nuke, so yep, she can say whatever she wants about me, make up whatever bullshit she wants to, because in the end, this isn't really about what you believe or don't believe, it's about facts that have been proven. If she wants to say it's because she didn't want to sleep with me, that I've got alts and I'm after her, then sure, she can stick with that, but she knows damn well what she's done (which differs completely from what she told you), and you don't, so don't even waste your time talking about something you don't know. Go polish that whiteknight armor, why don't you? And get her some professional help. You wouldn't want her to repeat the stunt she tried to pull off a few weeks ago, would you? You've got a life off the game, and yet, you feel the need to check my forum profile? πŸ™„ Sure, sure...
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