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  1. Hi there, this post is mainly addressed to all girls out there, as I'm a girl's girl in both worlds. I'm 28 years old now, single, half russian (but I speak english only) and a switch. So here I'm taking advantage to see if it's possible to find a lovely open-minded girl, as naughty as me...And sometimes very kinky. Of course I do enjoy mixing RL and 3DX things, as well as detailed, descriptive emotes and Roleplay in general. My usual online times vary very much but I tend to be around in my early mornings, about 8am (GMT). I'm dreaming about a girl younger than me, maybe a relative (sister, cousin or such) or just a girlfried with a crush on me. ;-) Looking forward to hear from you, have a look at my 3DX profile for some nice pictures...(And yes I do share RL pictures) xoxo Carina
  2. Hi everybody, I'm new here and thought I'll say hello and post a short introduction about myself. I'm interested in meeting role play partners for spending and sharing most exciting moments and fantasies. Also im not new to the BDSM lifestyle. My Sexual preference are girls and shemales (chemistry matters). Looking forward to hear from you or meet you in game. Kisses Carina
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