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  1. Hello dear devs, good job thanks. U talked about hair for men torso in a previous discord message, are u still working on it ?
  2. I love new sex and foreplay poses but nex sex poses are "slow", could you make them faster please? thank you for the update šŸ˜€šŸ’“
  3. Seems to be ok now ^^
  4. Serveurs HS Kat ^^
  5. Sometimes it takes hours sometimes days, hope we'll be lucky 惄 šŸ˜€
  6. Same for me, same time, load screen ok but unable to log with the message "couldn't connect to the server" and same on eu or us proxy. Kisses
  7. Hello, Eyeballs are a little too big aren't they? Thanks for the update, greetings.
  8. Hi Ammimi, seems to be good with the VPN, sweet kisses and many thanks !
  9. Thank you very much for ur advice šŸ˜ƒ I will try the VPN solution
  10. Hello dear devs and players, i changed my internet provider today for Free ( a french internet provider) and optic fiber, i have a speeder connection, everything's good but since i did i can't stay in game more than a few minutes and have many "reconnect" messages, it's weird and hard to play like that ^^. Is there anythin i should change in parameters? or another solution maybe? Thank you in anticipation. (of course in french i will understand too lol )
  11. Hello dear Gizmo and Liza, In the first years of game i remember u tested a height variation for avatars, i know it caused problems and that u gave up but would be great to have this height variation again, maybe slightly less to make it possible. Kind regards, and thank you for the last updates,, great ones 惄
  12. New eyebrows nĀ°6 are a bit too high on the face aren't they? ^^
  13. Hi ! ^^ Juste another bug i noticed, a little one, waist value in avi customize is always back on the middle can't change the value ^^
  14. Great job ! and very interesting ideas 惄 Please save 3dx !!! Kisses F.T.
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