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  1. Lovense Summer Rave Party Event date: july 29th 2022 Room: Lovense Summit Rave Party Grand prize of the Lovense X 3DXChat build competition 2022 Designed and created by OliverX
  2. https://ibb.co/VBSTwJV https://ibb.co/S02Y0LK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp2qo4CerUw It was a memorable night ! The room broke the attendance record with 387 people at the climax and +300 people on almost the whole length of the event. This is the proof that for this type of event, we can make a panorama room, with effects and lights, if we adjust all the parameters to minimize the impact. Here are some live pictures, which allow to better gauge the real dimensions of the room, and which finally answer better than I did to the claims made on this forum. Thanks to all those who came to party and to the teams who gave life to this event ! Thanks also to all those who showed enthusiasm for this project, without whom the pleasure of building would not be the same.
  3. claim to be as good as this or that person "Congratulations to all those who participated with me, including from the pre-selections: a thought for all those who were not selected and who probably had a lot of good ideas to implement" Those were my words. And I'm sorry if before that I hurt you by thanking people after the vote, but it had to be done then: I explained why, but you didn't take it into account, read again if you don't want to bother with this message again. I don't want to go around in circles with you. A contest is not the same as building for yourself or your friends where everything is possible, it requires a certain ethic, a sportsmanship one could say. These principles should exist everywhere, there is no reason to minimize their importance just because it's a sex game. I'm not judging you as a person, I'm just saying that, after all you may have been a bit naive or clumsy. Don't dismiss it out of hand: people take a long time to build here, it's only fair to ask their permission and give credits to the authors when you pretend to build a room for a contest. I don't criticize your skills or comment on your statements when you compare yourself to other builders. Nobody considers that you are not experienced, I reassure you, no need to doubt. It's good if you drew the right conclusions and that you take advantage of it in the future, and I agree that it's tiring all this drama, let's move on, I had already suggested it to you, I hope it's the right one now. Note (edit): pretend to win a build contest starts with not pretending to create a room when you use lots of previous personal files, lots of downloaded files. If you take all that out of your room, and the provided logos and sex toys, you have maybe 3% left. You have build almost nothing for this contest, and it is very indecent to get on your high horse here. Also, using your "KelsieKade" profile to sing your praises or claim to be as good as this or that person is not the best way to showcase your talents. Don't take people for idiots. It's better to work in the editor, and hard, and better to stop the mythomania right now. I'm sick of all this bullshit. I'm just paying you back now, without holding back from saying things, you have earned it.
  4. Wrong. I never said a single word at the end of the last competition (I did not give my file, I was already too happy to have been able to participate anyway), and on this one I never criticized the work of the others: it is you who did it (by comparing your room to others..), just read this topic. I was led to answer and you know it very well, don't force me to remind you again all the facts. Besides, you didn't only download speakers, but also a structure and silhouettes, at least (but I have no proof for what else was reported to me, I prefer to be factual). So it's appropriate to be a little more respectful when you repeat dozens of times that "my build is the best" right? I don't blame you for having this opinion, it's natural of course, I blame you for accusing the votes of being unfair here in this contest (I remind you that I don't have any download gallery while more than a thousand people have downloaded your room), I blame you for having put a bad atmosphere between the finalists, by disputing the results (without to see the other rooms ! It's better to avoid getting a definitive idea only with screenshots), and I blame you also for not following the rules of the contest. You have just compared yourself to others again, and to me in this case, you are the only one to do it here, haven't you noticed ? Of course that's not the point and it never was in a contest, as I said before. That's why I find you bitter, I think it's obvious. I don't blame you for it and I can understand and sympathize. I just ask for a little restraint given the facts. I don't like being lectured either, but I had to tell you what I think. Now this is all starting to go in circles and is becoming sterile. I have to work on some logos soon, I hope things will calm down here.
  5. Haha you're totally wrong about my room Allalon :)) My room seems to be a 3Mo room but it is not. My file: 730ko exactly. But I take it as a compliment because I know you respect my work. I kept in mind that the logos of the participating groups will have to be added. I'll still refine them to make them lighter, despite the comfortable margin I made for the room (I hope to have time, the organization is behind schedule), and I will carefully choose their location to minimize their impact on the graphic cards. Btw, I use different techniques to minimize the weight (the same room could be 3X heavier), which I've been experimenting with in many tests (it's a bit of an obsession haha ! It's also the surest way to progress in your abilities). This is one of the reasons why, beyond the ethical concern, I realize each object of my rooms myself. On the impact of weight you're right but not entirely in my opinion here in this game: the weight does affect the fluidity globally from what I have seen, the worst being of course the number of elements the graphics card has to display "at the same time" and the different effects used, which combined can be terrible. Each effect has a different impact depending on its nature, the number of blocks used (it's not proportional) and the location. It all depends on the work of the developers with Unity, as players we can only rely on our tests to draw conclusions. I know you are worried about lag in my room, but I built it with an eye on the percentage of activity of my graphics card. My room configuration allows me to have both a panorama (the most dangerous as a builder when it's busy, it was my challenge here), and quite a few effects (including reflections in the center). The tests I made with small PCs allow me to be confident but I am still curious to see things live, nothing will replace the experience in situation.. I would like to point out that with a lot of people, it is normal that the fluidity is more difficult. We just have to minimize this impact. It's very exciting to try to find the right balance !
  6. "Man... can you imagine if we did do a friendly competition and I beat you? My god how would you or Oliver live with yourselves? " Man... I really wish you would stop comparing yourself to others all the time. You've been flooding this topic with your bitterness since the public votes and even more so since the jury vote. I'm very surprised, from the beginning until now. I don't really appreciate you constantly quoting me, saying you deserved to win, putting forward various excuses. I've seen your builds now (the contest one too), you should be more humble (!). If you are passionate, your main concern would be to progress again and again, surpass yourself, nothing more.. You have not been disqualified, everything is fine, the sun is shining, no need to waste time getting bogged down in all this drama.
  7. Never criticize an achievement without having seen it in game. This is important ! The criticisms of my work that I've read on this forum are really childish and underline mostly a lack of experience (none of them were right or even founded). You can never see everything on pictures.
  8. Haha no, I have no download gallery for the moment I'm thinking of doing it one day, when I feel like I can't much progress in my ability to take advantage of the editor (a tray for example). I have a problem making a file public when I know I can do much better the next room, but I have the same problem IRL with music. The real contest will always be against yourself ! Concerning the contests in this game, I'd like to point out that I won't always be available or interested in taking the challenge, it will depend on a lot of things. Now, I would like to clarify for all the groups interested in the event: It will not start at 8PM EDT/2AM CEST as initially announced but at 8PM CEST/2PM EDT, so: US start= 29th 2PM EDT and EU start= 29th 8PM CEST (wouhooooo !! )
  9. I'm happy to win the first prize of this contest Thanks for allowing me as a builder to participate in this big event !! It was a great experience full of twists and turns as always when you start creating a room. Congratulations to all those who participated with me, including from the pre-selections: a thought for all those who were not selected and who probably had a lot of good ideas to implement. I'd like to take this opportunity to add a few words about the notion of a contest here, after my first somewhat stormy experience on this public forum. It is never a question of saying who is the "best" in the absolute, that does not mean anything, there are too many parameters, and especially a contest is a kind of "photograph" of a moment, just with some people on it, nothing more. Especially on this game, it must remain fun, and allow a healthy emulation between passionate builders, as a kind of "game within the game". That's all it's about! Let's leave the ego battles and dramas aside. It's human, but it's really too ridiculous here, on a funny sexgame. Everyone has their own little specialties and sensitivities in the editor, and players can enjoy them independently, each with their own personal taste, the same goes for all the other little side activities that this game offers thanks to the community.
  10. I would have preferred too, at least that you did not discredit my work. I would never have allowed myself to do that against you. Here are the raw facts, and no sophism or lie can hide them, everyone can go and check it in the chronology of the exchanges: - I did not attack or provoke anyone, unlike you and Tiazinha. I only defended myself after. - At no time did I compare my work to yours or discredit your work, unlike you. I only responded to the provocations (perhaps I should have refrained) - I never said my work was the best unlike you (but I understand your desire to defend your work, legitimate. I only denounce the way) - I never tried to influence the jury unlike you or Tiazinha (anyway their choice is probably made since a long time thanks to the .world files), I just wanted to thank the people who supported me, no matter the final verdict. And it's really ego reaction that made you react to this in this way. - I didn't discredit Tiazinha's work on my own, I just responded to her "challenge" to criticize it (!), which I did as honestly as possible. I had never made a judgment before she asked me to. I still say that she shamefully takes advantage of this topic to make her personal publicity completely off-topic. - Having never been the source of attacks and discrediting in this topic, what you want to pass off as ego in me is simply my right to defend myself, which I exercised, I was forced to do so because this is a public forum. In chat for example, I would not have even bothered to answer, I find that childish. Now you're trying to make it sound like the three of us are on the "same level"... Well ! Let's forget that word, if only for the sake of modesty on a forum. I really prefer that you and Tiazinha simply stop "comparing" each other. I didn't do it myself. Everyone should keep this kind of consideration to themselves, and you're right, it's pretty useless. As in any artistic creation, what is important is the message that one transmits, and not the tools to achieve it. I agree that each of us has enough to express ourselves without betraying our initial ideas. I note that you took a step towards me by apologizing, which Tiazinha did not. And I sincerely appreciate this gesture, I fully understand your reaction and don't hold it against you, especially since I see some peace in all this (if Tiazinha doesn't troll again with her letters of size 24 in bold type). I hope you won't mind that I defended myself so strongly, I must say that I was really surprised, as I'm not very used to forums (I registered here because of the contest). But I'll forget about it. Good builds to you, have fun and good continuation
  11. Last Exile VS Lovense room... Just to point out that what is common between the two is nothing more than my own sensitivity. The atmospheres are very different and I like both of them. I want to share them, whether Tiazinha likes it or not.
  12. Tiazinha, you said « Feel free to criticize my work, I’m not a Disney Princess » (I have noticed )… I was in your room recently, and you saw me: I said I would accept an apology, but you never did it. As I can see, you continue to advertise on a topic that is not intended for it. You want some critics ? ok, I will answer to your provocation, but I precise it's only my personal POV: First, the in-game room looks worse than in your pictures. Your building technique loses a lot of kb and lacks precision, when we look closely. Attached is one of the views you posted earlier from the same room, but seen up close. We can see that you lose a lot of memory using too many elements, and that the elements are very inaccurate (for such a proud builder let's say!). I personally would never have let this kind of detail go and I would do it with 2X less kb at least, and with more precision. But all this is just details. Above all, I found this room rather cold, a bit like an exhibition gallery from a very proud builder. Know that I can do what you do without any problem, technically speaking, and even better. And I would also say: I am not the only one in this game for sure, it's better to say it straight out. You can only be proud of being above average in terms of technical level, but I'd much rather go to another builder's room if, despite a lesser achievement, he puts some emotion into it. I guarantee that from my personal point of view there are many builders I prefer to you. Thank you for forcing me to say this, but I don't know if you deserved me to do so. In any case you didn't deserve that I waste so much time defending myself from your provocations.
  13. Tiazinha, you probably looked for a long time for another angle to discredit me, but your argument is very weak. First of all, I didn't just do 2 rooms, by the way. What's wrong with building on a 360 degree basis? On the contrary, it's very interesting, and I have the right to choose this building method as I please, just as I could choose another one according to my needs. Here it's a panorama, so the 360 is my best option, you like it or not. It's a bit like choosing an exposure setting on a camera: you can choose the same setting and make extremely different and varied pictures, with completely opposite atmospheres and settings. It's obvious that my rooms all have a different atmosphere and that they have nothing to do with each other. Your point of view is like that of a terribly jealous builder, scrutinizing my work for any little argument against me, it's really ugly. People don't do that when they spawn somewhere, they just feel the spirit and atmosphere of a room, and you should think about that when you're in the editor, instead of wasting your time criticizing those around you who might question your high self-esteem. I could criticize your work a thousand times more, don't force me to do it because it's not in my nature. You don't decide alone who is innovative or not, and I think you are just jealous, nothing more. Where did you see that I said that everything was decided ? This is AGAIN a slander, people who know me know that. Too bad !
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