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  1. Oh my God... You're incredible. Another malicious insinuation ! I didn't dispute anything and I will never dispute anything about any contest here, you are quietly defaming a person you don't know. I hope you're not always like this. It's very tiring to be constantly forced to defend myself. You don't have to cible me to say that a contest have to be fair. It's an evidence and I want it too, of course ! And the most important thing is to participate, in all competitions, with fair-play. Personnaly, if I wanted to change rules too, I would say "I want to be judged by Redji only". But I am a calm person and I accept the rules whatever they are because I'm not the organizer, don't take advantage with defamatory words because of that. I don't know why it's so important for you to invoke pretexts for not participating, why you need to target me too (Oh for that I have my little theory know)... Well, you have your reasons... But that doesn't interest the builders here I think (except for the little free drama, thanks for them lol).
  2. Tiazinha, I think everyone can see how you want to vampirize this contest, even if you don't want to participate. You start to say you want to be a builder for Lovense/3DXchat WITHOUT contest, and then you try to discredit this contest, then discourage people from participating.. And now you want to be the instructor for participants ?? Don't you think you're abusing a little ? I think no comment is necessary about YOUR ego. Do what you want, say what you want (but don't forget to say participants FPS is also a hardware question: better to test with a little PC) and leave me alone now, I don't want to answer indefinitely to your faulty insinuations and provocations.
  3. In fact I’m agree with Tiazinha for votes, and a minor portion of the scoring to a popularity vote could be a good idea I think. @Tiazinha: But I don’t like how you utilise my work and my way of playing to serve your interests. (First time I see a winner not be fair-play !) For me, to be independant is: not to have any group or organization. It’s my case, like you. But if you don’t want to open your rooms and participate in the life of this game with people, it’s your problem, not mine. You are confusing, being independant doesn’t mean being absent or never invite people and groups in your room. Btw, Dance groups and DJs are VERY important for a nice opening, I consider they are the most important part. You should trust these people, they are generally passionated like you and me, and they participate in the life of the community. Just ask them, if you want to animate your room and welcome people. Personnaly I’m excited to build for them, it’s like composing music and seeing it performed by others. I’m happy if they have a good time. It makes no sense for me to keep my work sleeping in my PC and I don’t like to have to justify myself for that because of you. Well.. I can understand why you feels uncomfortable, and I could be too regarding to other players (builders) who have their own organization (with potential voting instructions). If you have become a ghost in the game, it’s even more understandable. But why target me ? It’s unfair and not very elegant I think. Why ? Finally I think I have my opinion on this subject know… And I’m glad you’re so interested in my work
  4. ....... I have to answer ! There is one month between your topic and mine. I was the first one to post and you posted yours at the last moment. It's easy to understand that it's the reason why I had more views. I understand what you mean Tiazinha, but you are wrong about me: I can assure you that I open very rarely my room (not enough Xgolds to do it). I'm totally independent here in this game, and I only spend my time with my darling (and sometimes in the editor of course, when I have a project). So I'm not "popular" here in this game but I take it as a compliment if you think that ! This contest we participated both of us had only 2 judges (3 officially.. and I didn't know them.). One of the judges said to me that it was very difficult to choose between your room and mine, they hesitated a long time (1 point difference.. Maybe it was just tactfully words lol). So we can say it's a personal point of view question. Do you understand why I'm not offended if 3DX team/ lovense team/ Redji/ people votes can do the job to choose a room for this event ? Even if I don't participate, I think it's more serious than a friend or two judging a friend. The last thing I wanted to say in this post: No matter if you're popular or not, no matter if the rules don't please you. If the theme of the event please you, why not participate ? It's better to build by pleasure than to win absolutely a contest.
  5. I just read the topic... I think I could have enough time to make something interesting. I will think a bit about it. No matter the results (I don't care about votes), if I participate I will probably open the room for the community anyway. The biggest challenge here is to balance the effects and heaviness for graphic cards. Usually I'm too ambitious for graphic cards compared to the program configuration (I always have to remove effects/items to exceed 130 people), but it's for me a good opportunity to succeed in obtaining the best possible ratio for a very big event. I will see ! And for sure, if I participate, it will be 100% from my imagination and in my building style, as always
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