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  1. I loved your sincerity and also said a lot in few words. Sometimes reality is harsh but it needs to be said.
  2. Sorry for the generalism, but of course there are also good people in the game who don't mind helping i also don't mind so much that i made my discord available for this purpose because i know it's very difficult for beginners. You mentioned the principle of reciprocity which I believe in and think is very cool. But despite the pdf and the collaborations of good people, I still believe that the world editor has a barrier to entry for newbies. Games are a teacher and teach people how to play, and it can't frustrate people too much right from the start. Let's imagine a person who didn't look for a tutorial on the internet and didn't even search for this pdf, this is the normal behavior of a person who just installed the game for the first time and logged in.
  3. I was just here to expose all the dirty politics players do in the game. The gaming industry allows developers to use assets in their projects and create the best game possible. And it's not like here that a website owner banned this to make life difficult for newbies. The world editor has a high barrier to entry for new players as there are no good tutorials, it's not intuitive and it quickly frustrates beginners. Experienced builders don't help beginners because they have no interest in more people using their objects on the site or out of arrogance. But I also have praise for the 3dxchat team who work hard to add new costumes and features to the world editor to give the game a richer experience. I believe you are on the right path, and the more new things you release, the more people you will attract. But we urgently need a new mechanic or a fun economy that works within the game using XGold.
  4. Happy Birthday JustinCredible. I wish you many years of life, a lot of ethics and abandon false profiles.
  5. Não me lembro de dizer que a sala do OliverX é pesada ou tem 3mb. Foi você quem o questionou sobre isso. Sorry , i forgot i don't talk to banned people.
  6. I loved your idea, honestly this was ideal, I've also thought the same way as you, Two people also increases the quality of the room. But the individualism of a hegemony does not allow this.
  7. I'll mind my own business now. I think everything is clear. I've already intruded too much on your honest work, sorry for the inconvenience and good luck.
  8. I think you didn't know how to read again ,I lost interest in talking to you.I'm saying goodbye. the matter is closed For the third time.
  9. Did you deduce all this yourself? We're finally making progress, you know how to identify people's names and that's a good start. Now you come on behalf of PAGOS to say that everything is fine, do you know how to read? Or want to cover up the case. I am saying for the second time that the matter is closed
  10. Got it, but you're here right? Was I talking to you now or was it someone else? So what do you need to understand that I made a claim? Schedule a meeting? As this conversation has lost its rational sense, I close the matter here.
  11. I apologize to you PAGOS, You are right. You are very polite and assertive maintaining conviction, I need to learn that from you I admit.
  12. No one will contact you because you already noticed the problem here. So I kindly ask you to wake up and do your job.
  13. I must remind JustimCredible that I didn't make the rules up, he's not happy with the rules? He didn't make a small slip in the contest, it was colossal. He broke the rule of all sites that support the game in using unshared objects in his room and giving free to everyone. PAGOS was very gentlemanly and assertive in saying this to him. What is the punishment that the builders who do this will receive? The Banishing. Remove his room from your site as it is more than proven that PAGOS did not allow him to distribute it for free to everyone.
  14. You're right. if I had done that, I would have gathered several people wanting my head on the tray because I'm not part of the beautiful people club.
  15. the color picker tool is not all that accurate because the lighting in the room causes changes in tone. But if the colors are identical white or black I compare the size with maximum precision. It is impossible for the 2 logos to be the same size in precise dimensions. even if you and I only make one square, the 2 will have different sizes. imagine if I were to compare each piece of your logo comparing each diameter accurately it is impossible to be equal. But that was not the case that happened here in the contest, unfortunately he just copied it and put it in the room without having the trouble to change anything to give me this job.
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