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  1. This Idea will be wonderful because I won't have to model the book covers. We save time and can create more useful things.
  2. Sorry for my bad English, I only know the basics, I am from Brazil and the English teaching here was not very good for me. I must have misinterpreted what I read so please disregard what I wrote. But I am glad that Redji and I have the same opinion.
  3. Your fonts are amazing. His idea of making it was brilliant because it helps everyone.
  4. So a fair contest for all people in your opinion is to vampirize the contest. Honestly the biggest reason I don't want to participate in a contest is people like you who don't accept defeat . Now that it's clear that populism won't be the only way to decide the winner I want everyone to participate. I'll edit my post recommending the contest. Thanks for letting me know What's wrong with me building something for Lovense? If they need it I'll make you like it or not. I can give as many tips as I want, I won't suffer censorship from you
  5. yes, this is a contest for experienced builders, but they want to assess your creativity first. you need to send any room of yours along with your idea. The room is for them to check their ability to build. So they need a good idea and a good builder.
  6. I'm a ghost like you mentioned, so I don't need to please anyone and I can give my opinion. My interest is just to see a good contest, sorry to hurt your ego with that. I could use the same example with someone else, but you were already here....lol Now I can give the participants some tips that I believe will be useful. This room must be designed for a large event with more than 300 people, so it must be light and as beautiful as possible. The most effective way to know if your room is lit and check the FPS, use the MSI afterburner program and the room needs to be above 120 FPS looking in 4 directions. Don't forget to value the lovense brand in the bedroom. Summer Rave Party is sponsored by Lovense. So the focus of the party is Lovense and not the dance groups. Don't make the mistake of highlighting the players more than the sponsor. People who don't know how to measure FPS build their room with 500kb and try to use natural moonlight, avoiding other lights as much as possible, as the impact on performance is too big because of the shadows. When submitting your ideas, think of your room as a game and detail what the party will be like and how people interact there. Your idea is like a GDD (Game Design Document). if anyone needs help with the world editor, ask me on my discord: Tiazinha#9313 but I will no longer respond to flirtations or attempts at intimacy, I will only respond to technical questions.
  7. To close the subject I will only mention three things. 1) A completely independent person and don't put 150 people in a room and several groups of dancers with logo. Don't underestimate people's intelligence. 2) I am completely independent, but it's okay for you to have support and groups that's not wrong I just don't think it's fair in a contest where the number of votes decides who wins and who loses. 3dx Team/ lovense team/ Redji for me it's perfect and more than enough. 3)I will not participate anymore for me it is important for me to know that the winner did not win because of unfairly obtained votes. Obs: You're right, you're not famous. Who are the famous are the groups that help you to have your parties
  8. -Now the popular vote won't be the only way to decide the winner so I recommend the contest to everyone. but I will not participate so as not to have complaints. I want to expose some data to all competitors so no one feels wronged. if the contest is based on the number of votes and views and you Builder has no support from anyone I advise you not to participate.
  9. I'm not thinking of participating but I'm already showing here something I'm doing for myself and some realistic rooms I made in 3dx. if you need me to make an epic room for lovense just let me know, i don't want to make politics to win votes. good luck to all participants. some more pictures of my work.
  10. So who will decide the winner in the end are the players by vote? Instead of impartial judges who might be the game's developers. I don't feel safe dedicating myself to the contest that the winner will be voted, this is big brother, and not a contest based on technical knowledge of design and performance. So groups can come together and choose their winner even before the contest starts. the room should be designed for how many people? the room can be heavy with the best possible design or is it a room that will be used for the general public and can reach 300 people?
  11. Pode ser alguma falha nas rotas da internet ou conexão com servidor dedicado, mas isso só algum admin pode responder.
  12. Isso esta acontecendo com todos que tem ip do Brasil, use um vpn para mudar o ip para um pais europeu e logue. E queremos compensação pois é um jogo pago.
  13. exactly,and partner with various groups...but when you make a partnership you say that I help you if you help me... lol. For that reason that my room wouldn't make a difference on the login screen...lol
  14. I don't think that putting it on the login screen makes any difference, if Gismo invites me to put mine on the login screen, I doubt it will fill up with people. The groups and the people here in this game have a certain destiny and their preferences. Unfortunately you may be the best designer in the world, but here none of that matters. This could become a profitable service, charging 50,000 gold to put the room on the login screen for 24 hours. Marketing has its price ... lol
  15. It is not wasteful. You want to get into a technical issue of the game that you do not know, unity is the engine that has the highest performance not because it uses the client's computer.
  16. the best builders can do both, good fps and good design. The most difficult thing is to optimize the room to have more than 100 fps. I know how to do that. But the ideal was to have a tool in the editor so that players could create their furniture and be able to merge to transform 10 objects into one. They notice that the ready furniture of the game is like this and they are smaller than 1Kb.
  17. What I have observed is that great builders and talented people are being neglected. The populists have crowded rooms, and there is a competition for those with more people. Repeated and ugly rooms are always full, and it is a hypocrisy to complain about this event because everyone seeks partnerships and groups to get people and never better rooms. Therefore, there is no meritocracy, only vanity dispute. I hope that Gismo improves the environment for serious builders and does not encourage mediocre rooms.
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