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  1. On my island "SouthEastAsian Is. / WomenOnly", the water level of the pool has fallen, the beach has expanded, and the coral reef has been above the sea level.
  2. I remember reading a blog in the past about importing characters made with MakeHuman and Blender into Second Life. (I think it was a Japanese blog.) We can change the body shape of our avatars even with the current adjustment function. But it can't be changed significantly. On the other hand, there is also the problem of drastically changing the body shape. It's the matter of sex animations. Perhaps I will have problems with my partner's body getting into my butt, my lower abdomen, or my thighs that are too thick. (Maybe not only the animations, but also the clothes.) As a result, the position of the animation and the size of the movement must be adjusted by the parameters of the size of both bodies. I think it's very troublesome. However, when that becomes possible, you will be able to see the scene between BBW Granma and a slim, short girl.
  3. Very nice lingerie. But I wear panties over the garter belt.
  4. Thank you, MisterOiT. My problem was solved by your advice. I placed the Teleport Objects 0.03m above the floors (or mats). I also tested 0.02m, but 0.03m seems to be good.
  5. Please watch attached mp4 video. It is my problem of teleport. 1387628635_myproblemofteleport.mp4
  6. Thank you Diana Prince for "Teleport Test.world". I tested there (Teleport Test.world), but the same phenomenon as in my world occurred. It is that, if I try to take one step from the teleport area at the arrival point, I will return to the teleport area of the departure point side. Perhaps this is related to the stride length and standing poses of female avatar. So I think teleport area is too large, and maybe 0.5m x 0.5m is better.
  7. I think teleport area is too large. It seems that 0.5m x 0.5m is better. (But I've not been able to change paramaters of them on world editor.) Now I'm testing "teleport" in my world, I'm stuck in the teleport areas points A and B, and can't go out from teleport areas. (Especially, at the Destination area.) Are there any "knacks" to get out of the teleport areas?
  8. I hope 3D Boolean function on the World Editor too. We will be able to create crescent-shaped objects in the air.
  9. Dear Lunarelf, Thank you for your reply. I am looking forward to the efforts of the developers and would like to wait. Role-Playing with "Cosplay" is difficult with my English ability. :'-( However, someone may be expecting the role-play with a female doctor in a lab coat or the role-play with a nun. At those time, maybe they will expect them to be costumes which closely resembles the real things, rather than "like costumes". (Of course, I know that 3DXChat is a "SEX Game", not a game of land development, costume making, fashion show, or cosplay.) By the way, I think that games are expected to have both balanced fantasy and reality. I think one of the elements of games is to experience things that cannot be done in real world, with avatars, costumes, and animations which are close to reality.
  10. In Japan, there are "Costume Players" who is wearing famous animation and movie characters's costumes, mainly in the sacred place of Akihabara. (Of course they aren't dressed for sex !!) Maybe there are such people in Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia. The other day, one of my friends said, "I wish I have more costumes." In order to realize such wishes, how about increasing costumes related to various occupations and costumes of famous animation / movies characters? Of course, if users can design various costumes like World Editor, it will be even more interesting, and I think it would be good to import from outside such as blender. I'm not interested in men, but some women may hope to play with muscular male firefighters and police officers, and some men may hope to play with nurses, female doctors, and nuns. When playing with costumes, I think desirable, instead of being unconditionally naked during sex about lower body , the animation shows at first only zipper down for men and only turning up hem of costumes for women.
  11. When searching for the place in the "Share User Worlds", I think it would be useful to have a sort function. For example, sort by place name (A-Z / Z-A), sort by creator's name, sort by current number of guests (highest / lowest), etc. In addition, if we allow some tags to be selected when sharing the worlds, we may be able to sort and / or narrow down those tags as well. Examples of tags are "No Cold", "Cold Only", "Futa", "BDSM", "RP", "Naked / Nude", "Women Only", "Men Only", "ALL OK", etc.
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