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  1. I'm kinda retired, but I don't mind representing South Korea. If anyone's interested, I could play K-Pop
  2. The lack of any Asian countries not being represented makes me sad
  3. UkiUkiJump


    He will do something about it, but not at super sonic speed. You can't expect Gizmo to ban him/her in a blink of an eye
  4. UkiUkiJump


    You can report people in-game now. Just go to their profile and click on 'report' Also, that name sounds familiar
  5. If you want to post real life pics, don't use any that you've posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  6. All the new poses were from the test server, you bourgeois piece of shit!
  7. The funny thing about the event was that near the end, the dungeon was getting packed
  8. Final lineup rob, trouble and myself will act as backup dj's in case any mishaps happen. but they will get a chance to dj after the event if we still have a packed room
  9. Here's hoping for another Psychostick song in Pandora's set
  10. My first hosting event! I can't wait!
  11. I'm not able to log in to my main or secondary account. Gonna make a third if I can't log in by Monday
  12. Server's down aga.... Oh look, Atom Universe has a new update /Exit
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