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  1. Lunarelf it is so generous of you.πŸ’‹
  2. pomme


    It may be your problem which size to use for the letter of your macro message, it will take your money but not send the gift. https://3dxchat-status.com/profileeditor this will help you calibrate your message macro
  3. the smoke are well done as well as a lot of things in this game. I understand why there will never be a real mirror reflecting our character in this game that will allow us to play longer without having the gpu that smoke "which would be a first the card will buy it before". I think that this game has such a bug that the card is working at full speed to limit damage
  4. why categorize when each chamber created with common sense determines a category or a population. it is a request for censorship!
  5. the money is lacking or maybe not for the game developers. there is competition and she earns money with donations to have content for the donors. this can be mandatory and not respect the fundamental of 3dx
  6. very interesting as a personal follow-up. I think to implement this context with the number of divorce, sex with partner, in short a kind of fitness monitoring of sex
  7. transitions would be a great thing in a game like this. let's look for the 8 or 9 th anniversary of this game of spot lights it s great. we can look at the means used for programmers who in my opinion will bring this game to life with sexual animation, hair and tattoos .... this game has a huge potential but 50% of a price that has evolved for 8 years c is survival and not modernization
  8. I would also say the dance speed seems a bit high and the dance poledance number 5 and shift so what could start like the 1234 I also thank the work accomplished to give us always more pleasure
  9. this is a preview of what we can do with pixel light timing
  10. so if this is the letter for xmasgismo give us the possibility to reduce the base of installation that and possible but do not save this
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