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  1. A little Notice would be appreciated, are we waiting for the team to get back from Xmas holidays or is there someone watching the servers ? *face palm* another 6 days down,, please, i have a room to host
  2. The file was given to me freely by my ex FutaJennifer (Owner of the Cave) no files where ever stolen, i have never sold the bike to anyone, only my current girlfriend at the time 'CristineSimmonds' got the bike that where in the room file from me, with permission of FutaJennifer i might had,, it was part of an exchange that we had all agreed on, Jennifer got the BDSM Studio and one of my old Club ,and Christine Simmonds got the Bikes *with promises to not share with anyone* I personally have never had any use for those bikes, at 100kb each, i would never put them in my room. Losst is starting
  3. my topic is NOT address to the community, it's address to the 3DX development team, Room owners are not a majority but all of the 3dx community benefits from us, meanwhile we suffer in silence unable to do anything about it, it's up to the Publisher to act on this, Besides ,all these feature are already in the game, Rochi's mod only enables them, she doesnt bring anythig to the game that isn't already there, this is a serious post address to SexGameDevil and its development team,, please don't troll it and take my meaning out of proportion!
  4. The community as suffered long enough, i implore the publisher and the design team to act and (ban Rochi) for creating and promoting her hack and promoting the used of cheat engine in 3dxchat, her mod incite and encourage the use of venues aka "fake rooms" in the community, this takes away a huge number of attendance for the real creators, some of which have amazing talent, not to mention all the DJs that works very hard hosting online streaming stations, a lot of effort goes into creating good rooms and Playlist, we should not have to suffer by the fact that the 3dx team seams to have no care
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