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  1. I've been trying to use it to make camera behave more natural when you pass doorways... I placed it covering all the upper part of the doorway, leaving just enough height under it to let an avi pass the door. The idea worked smooth and dandy, except one thing... When the camera was pushed from behind by that invisible surface... The surface became visible (but we shouldn't be able to see it, right) and... IT'S BEING REFLECTED!! This is frigging hilarious... =\ First picture - the colors intended. Second picture - colors with invisible wall behind the camera reflected by shiny surfaces.
  2. How it looks and how it works in my build. - "non-transparent" side must be made of any transperent material (any glass or water). To make it look solid you have to set the color to black (I recommend #000000). I am using two layers to get it completely non-transparent. I wouldn't recommend adding more layers, as it would hinder the performance. - transparent side is made of blur glass, but bottle glass can be used as well, both of these materials overwrite transparency shaders of any material behind it, technically ignoring its properties. Both sides looks are at the pics attached, as well as the structure of the "sandwich"
  3. Hey, people! I've been working on my new place and decided to share some screenshots. Just a little bit of bragging =P Main theme is Japanese 3-story building The building contains: - a club/lounge/bar floor, - lobby+bedrooms floor - living rooms/office for the staff. Additionaly we're having something behind the curtains... A vampire lair. >8-E
  4. Main issue with JSON format is that it makes savefiles grow HUGE because a lot of values saved as strings of text. In example such things as "respawn" or "oceanlevel" are not needed at all. It could be just a first 3 floats inside the file used for xyz coord and 4th float used for z-axis rotation of the respawn area. In a human-readable form "respawn":{"p":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"r":180.0}, could be saved as 000180 In fact it is not correct representation, but it gives you an idea.
  5. Primitives are saved in a JSON formatted files (google JSON if you're interested in details), like that: { "n":"Box", "p":[-38750,181653,-79498], "r":[2700000,0,0], "s":[22876,7000,-1000], "c":[1000,669,455], "m":"wood_1"} Where: n = primitive name ("Box" for a cube, i.e.) p = position translation (basically it's the primitive's pivot coordinates relative to the starting point [0,0,0]) r = rotation translation (rotation around 3 axes) s = scaling translation (scaling along primitive's *local* axes) c = color in RGB format. I believe 1000 is equal to 100% (1000,1000,1000 = white) m = material (texture + shaders associated to that texture) Making your cube bigger you only changes the *s* field in your primitive's save file. Here is an example of a red wooden cube (writing it right now inside this comment, but you cn select the text and paste it into a text file, then rename it to .world and load into your WE). "respawn" = starting square area where avatars are spawned "ambient" = ambient lighing settings"oceanlevel":"0.0" = ocean height "weather":"Cloudy" = weather in your world "valuetype":"float" = instructs the client to use float values instead of integer/1000) "objects":[....] = list of objects in your world
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack <...> Advanced persistent DoS An advanced persistent DoS (APDoS) is associated with an advanced persistent threat and requires specialised DDoS mitigation.[26] These attacks can persist for weeks; the longest continuous period noted so far lasted 38 days. This attack involved approximately 50+ petabits (50,000+ terabits) of malicious traffic.[27] Attackers in this scenario may tactically switch between several targets to create a diversion to evade defensive DDoS countermeasures but all the while eventually concentrating the main thrust of the attack onto a single victim. In this scenario, attackers with continuous access to several very powerful network resources are capable of sustaining a prolonged campaign generating enormous levels of un-amplified DDoS traffic. APDoS attacks are characterised by: advanced reconnaissance (pre-attack OSINT and extensive decoyed scanning crafted to evade detection over long periods) tactical execution (attack with both primary and secondary victims but focus is on primary) explicit motivation (a calculated end game/goal target) large computing capacity (access to substantial computer power and network bandwidth) simultaneous multi-threaded OSI layer attacks (sophisticated tools operating at layers 3 through 7) persistence over extended periods (combining all the above into a concerted, well managed attack across a range of targets).[28]
  7. Well, since the server is down I think its time to post some thoughts here. For me 3DX is not just a place to have some co-op masturbation - sometimes I spend my time in the World Editor as well. From what i have learned i can say for sure - world editor doesnt need connection to the server (see the pic, i can still keep building when I've got disconnected). So, here's my idea: it would be great to be able to run the game in off-line mode having limited functionality. Let's say - only default Betty/Bob avatars to play and (most importantly) World Editor working. What it could give us: - Obvious When the server is offline we could keep building our content and test it for later when we're able to share it to the other players. - A bit less obvious, but still making life better potentially We could run second client and work on our worlds while still hosting a room in 1st window. You see, that announcement Lisa gave us about the new features of the server they are working at - it will be possible to keep our rooms hosted even when we go offline/get disconnected for some reason. It's a great thing and for me personally it would improve my experience a lot, since im not always able to keep my 3DX running 24/7 (let's say i am playing some other game and it is important to me to have my FPS there as high as possible, but having 3DX running in background sometimes drops FPS drastically). With that said hosting rooms is going to be much easier, but there's still one problem rmaining: you cant host a room and build anything in World Editor, becuase you have to stop hosting to enter WE mode. And having a separate client running in off-line mode would fix that problem. I hope I didnt confuse you with that explanation too much, people.
  8. I am really soory about your bad experience with some russian people in your past. But judging people by their nationality is... (I believe you are smart enough to put the right word here).
  9. Well, maybe. 3DX doesnt work like most other ping-reliant games, so it's possible i haven't noticed the lags. But to be honest, the issues with gallery/profiles not loading and random disconnects now and then are there for quiet some time already, and i was speaking about the "sympthoms" that usually happen right before the server going off. Kinda last 5 minutes before the disconnect. Anyways, i dont think it really matters in our situation. All that maters is when the game is up again and what can we do to help it. In case if someone thinks im bullying the devs I must say im really positive towards them and i do realize what a hell can be going on their side.
  10. can anybody translate this to english, please?
  11. I'm sorry, but we're not close enough for you to call me like that. And please, fix your screaming font size/color, it makes my eyes bleed. Thank you in advance.
  12. Thing is... in short words - it can. DDoS attacks are targeting networking hardware. Like routers, i.e. And the term "server" is too wide to mean ONLY networking stuff. Basically in our case "server" means the software running on a computer and only responsible for handling requests from client software. Or "server" could mean the computer itself, but still - routing H/W has nothing to do with it. Router (let's call it that way) is in charge of providing these requests. So while you have your 3DX server shut down you can still have (and in most cases you have) your routing hardware keep running and doing its job. And consecutively it could be a subject of a DDoS attack. Think of it as of your laptop and wi-fi router. You can shut down your laptop and still have your wi-fi up and available for your phone/smart tv/etc. ps: although i doubt it is a DDoS attack in fact. I was there (in game) when the server stopped working and there weren't any signs of a DDoS incoming. Usually you experince lags and loss of packets prior to such attacks, when the server is still managing to keep connection up, but gradually drops quality of that connection - there weren't any sympthoms like that, at least for me. Just saying.
  13. Is it allowed to use old props (several years old)? I mean, Im thinking on joining and if I do, I'd like to use some of my old models (like my bikes, i.e.).
  14. Let me add my thought about the topic. Basically it is possible to make the script use that "positioning box" to get correct letter dimensions. I'd suggest following algorythm: 1. User saves his letter AND the sizing box in a single file. When the script reads the file it distinguishes the sizing box from letter's part by material (let's say sizing box must be some "glass_1" material and letter shouldn't use that material at all) 2. Each time user saves his letter, he should adjust the sizing box's width according to the letter he is going to save. 3. Script could take positioning box's coordinates instead of global coordinates, so basically user should only move the pos. box over his letter to be saved, not the letter itself. 4. Letter dimensions should be saved in an object to be used when building a string. It is a good idea to start with the parameters for true-type fonts. They are following: width, hieght, bearingX, bearingY, advance
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