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  1. the suggestions are a set of reflections read by the developer. it is good to read ideas even if they will not be realized in their own term but of the objective dedicated to the improvement of this game
  2. thank you for your selflessness. this forum needs you to make this game evolve. upgrades are important like maintenance to allow us the best social, creation, porn experience. a big thank you to gizmo for developing a unique game of its kind. 💋
  3. don't worry about the donor, i think it's clear to him. can be bigger to not put glasses 😜
  4. crawling would be a nice addition. I am sure that many will appreciate the 4-legged movement
  5. I am very happy to see a new animation of the game for the first of April. I take the animation and I throw the cage to implant a glory hold. I hope that the pose is not implanted as a certain object to allow us to adapt them elsewhere
  6. Pensons de manière logique et efficace. Le monde 3DXChat est fait sur des îles. Ensuite, nous souhaitons nos cartes en fonction de notre imagination (maisons, clubs, villes, resorts, etc.). Peut-être mettre des vêtements de plage? Sandales, maillots de bain, chemises fleuries, paréos, ce genre de choses, chapeaux de paille ou chapeaux panama. Combinaisons même pourquoi pas. Eh bien, après cela, vous ne pouvez pas nager sous l'eau. Mais cela reste une idée. Sous-vêtements simples pour hommes et femmes. Les hommes n'ont pas de chaussettes ... Ce serait bien. lol yes swimming and an
  7. what a superb dress ... you don't really need a seam on the belly to be professional. why can't you go so long that it's a problem the dress slips on the floor ... what do you work with so you can't do it. I can understand after that in this game it is not possible to create elements sliding slightly on the ground. ideas are good but cannot be carried out. we see the result with the hair. thank you for giving your creations which can give more physics to this game
  8. I would not like to go too far by saying that this game was duplicated it nor is not that off gang who want the skin of 3dx
  9. we are all expecting something from this game (update) and I think we cannot have updates without protecting the server from copy paste of this game. we do not pay for a game reproduction. we pay the real 3dx
  10. What is Gizmo going to do about Off Gang? Gizmo replied to Jade Kali's topic in Technical Support These cheaters were banned yesterday. They lost their accounts, time, gold and their money. We are checking server logs and improving protection now. Thanks to everyone who reports cheaters and hackers. Remember, the best thing you can do if you meet them is: Take screenshots Contact support Contact me or Lisa in Discord Warn your friends Be careful guys and thanks for your understanding!
  11. yes selection in the game that would sell the object built in xgold gift or money that would be specific to the seller. which does not necessarily require the release of the credit card to acquire a following item are selling price. the creation and acquisition files must be separated to avoid duplication. the problem is that it remains a simple profit and personal profit not giving access to the whole community. the only way is to create a permanent sales hotel to allow all those wishing to personalize a room to benefit from the many objects served.
  12. this link corresponded with uncertainty to the new update which requires an occulus to access 5k and new content.
  13. this reproduction is really perfect in addition to giving access to the water level. I want to say that the details on such a small object form a bug which makes cross the other structure
  14. I think we all wanted a date, not just a speculation. it s admirable the work done in computers, like taking the plane but we like to know when to take off and when to land
  15. make us illusions with little information that can reveal it to us in passing. patreon can be this company that will allow advantages to 3dx The site is popular with YouTube content creators, musicians, online comic artists as well as models doing erotic cosplay.
  16. Imagination runs a lot in this game as the RP writes. imagining the possibility of clicking on one of your clothes and having the choice between 3 to 5 different striptease for the rental to give would not be great. this introduces the fact of removing or not removing the clothes for sex. the choice not to completely lose the clothes also I am thinking of the panties
  17. it would be interesting to know if it is your computer that crashes or the game because a game crash does not necessarily require a reboot of the computer depending on the extent of the crash.
  18. yes we can also talk about the room where the person arrives and this ends up with a welcome advertisement each time you connect to the room what program do they use for that
  19. yes the interaction with objects and mini games as well as objects created by the builder can be integrated into the avatard such as jewelry or shoes. as for the pose editor it is present but with mutie bug which requires a certain physics. with more adaptive tools
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