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  1. well done...... Xanar & sayaX 1 yr, congratuations.....wooooott.... more party
  2. it be awesome rock the house kitty ears ) i wear them all time:) \m/
  3. Ive always play as myself in here, 100%. i wouldnt have any other way .
  4. Red..... I just love photos you took of ME & SB and the wedding, so beauitful , we just love them , thank you so much sweetie, mean alot to us your sweet friend, and to everyh=one else the came to wedding , thank you so much as well , JUST GOTTA LOVE YAS ALL ......huggies & kisses to all
  5. ive been few Docs parties they awesome.... i be there come on everyone this be great .. rock socks on ..lets party
  6. lets do this Dragons.....we throw awesome parties.. damn it kick ass!!......DJ edzic. .come one and all..huggies
  7. prety awesome party, welldone lussian
  8. I be there with bells on , be awesome , lets rock!! \m/
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