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  1. It was ironic... recently the almighty DDoS attack seems to be the reason for everything
  2. Today I'm getting that again and again and again πŸ€” No matter what I do. Relog, selecting character, moving to another room ... nothing helps. I have this issues after the last 'stability fixes' 🀣
  3. bored to death *yaaaawwwwns*
  4. Hello Amanda, welcome to 3DXChat, but believe me, you don't want to add us all
  5. I want one. The best thing about it is that if you wear it in public and notice someone smiling, you know exactly what she/he spends her/his time with.
  6. I think gay/bi guys are as seldom as hetero girls here ;-)
  7. That's why Bob is so important XD
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