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  1. It works great with Foobar2000 thanks! But i dont hear the Music in Game.. Do i need to use another Link from the Side when i use an Icecast Server?
  2. Thanks for the Side.. looks good so far. There is a program called Audio Hijack (it was NiceCast before) but it´s only for Mac! >.<" i tried this program on a virtual machine with MacOs and its pretty good so far.. but cant find other stuff like this for Windows.
  3. Well.. the builtin Shoutcast server doesn´t work for me and i can´t find other ways to stream it. i dont use MP3 files anymore.
  4. Thanks for the answer. I will try it and let you know here if it works fine.
  5. Welcome... 



  6. After i installed it, he shows me Version 390/2.6 I am the only one with it? i think its the wrong Setup. EDIT : now it´s the right Version.
  7. now it's getting ridiculous..
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