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  1. Yeah the 48 khz + shoutcast dont mix, you'll have to bite the bullet and change them to 44. Find all your mp3 with 48khz, place them in a new folder and upload them all on http://www.aconvert.com/audio/ Use these settings and press Convert, then download them from conversion tab below it. There are also desktop audio editors you can use such as Audacity as stated above, if you wish to go that route then watch some guides on youtube on sample conversion
  2. The song you're trying to play might have a different sampling rate, can you tell me ~khz value of the song you are having issues with and also a song that plays normally? I have it highlighted on this image.
  3. Strange, Have you tried other Streaming sites mentioned above in this thread or is it localized to listen2myradio?
  4. I'll take a look into foobar but i did mange successfully setup the spotiamp + winamp combo for @Elesha, also had few friends test it. Just never got around to making the tutorial Lol
  5. Never heard of that app but I finally got the Spotiamp to work with Winamp for broadcasting Spotify. I'll post the tutorial soon.
  6. So I downloaded it and tried couple things, I was able to get a Line in from Spotiamp but cant seem to figure out the audio, just plays on mute for now but I think it might be possible somehow. Keep an eye out, I'll update the thread if I get it work and possibly make another tutorial for this.
  7. There seems to some talks about a plugin called "Spotiamp" you can check that out here http://web.archive.org/web/20141208232737/http://spotiamp.com/ I personally haven't tested that myself but it seems you need the premium sub for Spotify for this to work, basically this routes your Spotify playlists through winamp. If it works for you let us know because I'm sure there's a huge demand for something like this compared to scouring through youtube.
  8. Tired of getting blue-balled by your grandma's friends when they ask you to host a live DJ stream for their bingo party but you didn't know how to? Well look no further, you've ventured into the proper territory! Gone are the days of sucking wet farts out of your CD player; Gone are the days of being forced to sniff your old tennis shoes while listening to Taylor Swift, now look like a super-villain with this sweet free streaming method and start spinning those stacks of wax yourself today! ------------------------------------- LINKS Radio Host - http://www.listen2myradio.com/ Winamp - https://www.winamp.com/ DSP Plugin - https://directory.shoutcast.com/Winamp
  9. well you seem to be the 'dildo up the ass' expert here, i'll take your word for it
  10. is that why hackers never use mouse in hollywood movies?
  11. I would imagine so since his other pal pulled out a yellow dildo in the end on keyboard
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