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  1. So he still has it, ok thanks mate. Hope all is well
  2. Who is in charge of music now in public places?
  3. Falling in love over the internet is extremely rare, and indeed a very, almost insurmountable task. I agree with you that say you need to have the physical touch in order to have 100% love, but you also don't just fall in love physically. Sometimes I think it is easier to figure out if you love someone without the physical touch, because sometimes just having sex with someone, we think we are in love, but we really aren't, we are just infatuated with the person. The deepest of love is in our souls, our hearts, our thoughts. None of these are accomplished through touch, although it can expand on it. Those of us that have faith in God, is this love we have not accomplished without a physical touch?
  4. Hope you guys have a great wedding
  5. You cant find couple dances pre-made like that Twiggy due to the fact that it all depends on the models. If someone took the time to do pre-made couple dances, and you decided to make your models with more meat on them, then the dances wouldn't work because they would be clipping each other. One of the reasons I think you cant make characters in this game that don,t belong as Victoria Secret Models. If you have great difference in size/height of models, you have to make different dances and or sex poses so they look realistic. So first you would have to script the program to say ok, i have model 3 female and model 2 male, so that would determine the pre-made poses, if you know what I mean. It's not impossible, and I would lean towards that for sure if making my own game, but all depends on the work that devs are willing to do here.
  6. All great idea's. Many of these I have been researching already for a while. Does Gizmo actually own the game or is he just a developer? If not, can anyone tell me who does actually own it? Thanks.
  7. I agree with you Twiggy, and there is also a program on the asset store so you can make buttons on your UI a combination on animations put together. Only problem I see is that they already spent $50 on the big hit Western Saloon. They just gave you girls s few new clothes and us guys got new pairs of shoes!! Judging by how much money they have been willing to spend on this game in the past, I think they have spent there budget for upgrades for the next 2 years already :/
  8. Found the server, rebooting it now... <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="lFXFUjP"><a href="//imgur.com/lFXFUjP"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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